Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 6th June 2022 Written Update: Isha goes against Deepa and Jagannath!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 6th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Purvi asking Kashi to leave her. Kashi leaves. Purvi says I am unable to understand, as everything is happening so fast, I am just thinking about me and my kid. Kashi says you need time right? Take your time and remember whenever we unite the child will always unite with us. Purvi says you are very nice Kashi, that is why I am scared of losing you as a friend, I don’t want to lose you as a friend.


Purvi says I am getting late, I am going. Kashi cries while Purvi also cries and leaves. Here, Isha looks at her and Kashi’s pictures and cries. Kashi remembers his time with Purvi. Isha deletes all the images. Just then, Deepa comes and consoles her. Isha gets away from her. Deepa shows her concern. Kusum also shows how Deepa is worried. Isha starts taunting about Deepa wanting her to lose and wanted her to learn a lesson so I did, now happy? Kusum says she is your mother, she can never see you happy. Isha says no, withy childhood sufferings what do you expect?

Jagannath asks Isha why are you saying this? Isha says Deepa lied to Jagannath and got married and then left his father and separated me. Deepa says he left us and had affair. Isha says don’t let me tell things about your truth. Deepa says I don’t know why you feel like this. Isha says because you cheated my dad with Raj. Deepa slaps Isha. Kusum tries to calm her. Deepa says Raj always helped us. Isha says yes, Raj tried taking my dad’s spot.

Jagannath says I feel you are saying all this in anger. Isha says Jagannath doesn’t know anything and he hates Mayank so he is saying this, I can’t stay here where everyone hates my dad. Jagannath says your mother did a lot to raise you, don’t forget she is my daughter, it’s very difficult for a single mother. Isha says but she also betrayed you. Jagannath says but she didn’t betrayed you, so don’t ever behave like this. Isha cries while Deepa looks on. Isha says I will call my dad.

Later, Jagannath lights a diya in front of tulsi. Kusum gets surprised. Jagannath says with so much going on this diya brings peace. Kusum says you are worried as Mayank is coming? Jagannath says I never thought he would re-enter our lives. Kusum says but if Isha wants we can’t deny her from meeting her dad. Jagannath says what must be Deepa going through? Just then Deepa comes and says Mayank is coming tomorrow and what Isha said it’s nothing like that, she also doesn’t know why Raj did things for us, but trust me. Jagannath says we do. They console Deepa.

Next day, Isha shows excitement to Purvi about going with her dad. Purvi makes Isha rethink on her decision but she denies and says I want to know my dad. Purvi says but what if Deepa is right and you find it hard to live with your dad. Isha says I found my dad through social media, and I am in touch with him since very long, I found out how my dad is so good. Purvi says does Deepa knows this? Isha says now she knows, I am happy. Purvi says in social media it’s easy to show love, but in real life what if you feel left out with his family? Isha says I am also his daughter, so I don’t want to talk more. Purvi and Isha hug as a goodbye. Isha gets thinking.

Bell rings and Isha gets excited. Deepa goes to open the door. Mayank asks Deep how she is Deepa says I am okay. Mayank comes in. Jagannath and Kusum doesn’t talk to him. Mayank also doesn’t initiate anything and asks Deepa about Isha. Isha comes running down. Mayank says you were alright? I thought you called me for some emergency. Isha says there is no emergency, I just wanted to meet you.

Mayank says I left such an important meeting for this, I booked a last minute flight and it was expensive, we are connected on social media isn’t it enough? If there is any work then tell me, I can’t come like this. Isha gets emotional and looks at Deepa. Mayank asks if Deepa asked her to call him. Isha says no, I wanted to spend time with you. Mayank says I don’t know what you think, but I can’t do this, unlike your mother, I am settled and I have kids, so I can’t bring you in my life, if you want money and your mom can’t afford you then take it. Mayank says this is the reason you and your mom called you right? Deepa gets upset and returns the envelope scolding Mayank.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jagannath scolds Mayank. Jagannath motivates Deepa towards Raj.

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