Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 7th June 2022 Written Update: Deepa gets forgiven by Jagannath!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 7th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Deepa telling Mayank how he never tried to know his own daughter, she always waited for her. Mayank says so you called me here to taunt me. Deepa says you are humiliating us by thinking Isha wants money from you, she is not like that who will spend on her dad’s money, I have raised her to be like my mom and dad. Mayank says let me tell you a truth to you, our marriage broke because of your father, you always compared me to your dad so that, I become like him and he accepts me, my dad is loyal, honest etc, everytime you wanted this, that is why I had an affair with Sonia.


Deepa says don’t put your errors and faults on me, nothing can justify your wrong doings. Mayank says atleast I married Sonia, but you are doing the same thing with Raj without marrying him. Isha says it’s nothing like that, I would like it if Deepa marries Raj and if it’s friendship then hats off, today I got to know why Deepa never let me meet you, you can never be my dad. Mayank says you taught our daughter to hate me. Jagannath gets angry and says I knew it you are never right, just get lost. Jagannath scolds Mayank. Mayank leaves

Later, Jagannath thinks about what Deepa and Mayank were saying. He hears Kusum saying to Deepa to make Isha go to college and once her career is set you will feel light. Jagannath asks Deepa and Kusum to sit. Jagannath says you will set Isha’s career but what about your life? Deepa says I didn’t understand. Jagannath says you were so young and saw so many struggles, I want you to enjoy your life as well, how is Raj? Deepa says he is just a friend. Jagannath says what about from his side, see Isha will marry soon too and you should have someone by your side too, I want you to take things ahead and get a life partner and enjoy your life.

Jagannath says never compare anyone to me as no one can be like me, but they will be good in their own ways. Kusum also asks Deepa to have a partner to spend old life with him. Jagannath says I am a dad, and as Kusum says I would have never liked any guy for you as every dad thinks their daughter is special and no one can be good enough for them. Deepa cries and Jagannath also cries. They cry hugging each other.

Next day, Deepa is cooking when Purvi comes to make tea. Deepa says make tea for me as well. Purvi smiles and makes. Deepa asks Purvi to learn making paranthas as Kusum and Jagannath like them. Purvi asks Deepa why is she leaving so soon? I will miss you. Deepa says it’s important for Isha’s education, Delhi is not that far you can come by anytime. Kusum smiles seeing them bond. Deepa thanks Purvi because of her, Jagannath could forgive her. Kusum says if Deepa wouldn’t have been there, Jagannath wouldn’t have understood Purvi too so it both ways, as Jagannath always saw you in Purvi. Deepa cries when Kusum consoles her. Kusum asks about Isha. Deepa says she has gone to meet Kashi. Kusum says you let her go? Deepa says it’s important for her to talk it out.

Here, Kashi is washing his face so he asks Badri to pass the water as he has soap on his face. Badri says you need so much help, you should marry any girl, even Isha is good. Kashi says I have told you so many times I love Purvi. Isha listens this and get emotional. Badri spots Isha and is about to tell Kashi but Isha stops him.

Isha takes the water jar and plays with Kashi. Kashi hears the bangles and says who? Isha gives him a riddle and Kashi washes his face. Kashi is unable to solve the riddle so Isha says, answer is silence, which we have between us since past 2 days, I came by to say I am leaving today for Delhi. Kashi says so soon. Isha says yes, it’s important for me to go, even for you and Purvi. Isha says normally I should say I am happy for you and Purvi but I am bit upset. Kashi says me and Purvi are still friends only. Isha says but atleast you have hope for the friendship to change into something more but I can’t even keep any hope. Kashi says you will always be my best friend. Isha hugs Kashi and leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap – Isha asks Purvi to accept Kashi. Kusum asks Jagannath to talk to Alok but Jagannath denies.

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