Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 8th June 2022 Written Update: Purvi plans to bring Jagannath out of his bitter past!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 8th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Isha coming home and shows how she did shopping. Deepa says did you buy everything? Isha says it’s for my friends in Delhi, and one small gift for Purvi. Purvi says what is it? Isha says don’t open this, open when we leave. Kusum says what about me? Isha says next time I will come by gift wrapping me. Deepa asks Kusum about Jagannath and if he will meet them. Kusum says Jagannath is not good with goodbyes. Just then Isha says he is here.


Jagannath comes and says I went for some work and it didn’t happen only. Kusum says what happened? Jagannath says I went to bring Deepa’s favourite. Jagannath says here you go. Deepa gives rhe laddoo to everyone a bit. Jagannath says but I could get only one. Deepa says so what, we all should enjoy and eat. Deepa takes blessings and cries. Deepa takes a leave while Isha also cries and gets emotional. Jagannath and Kusum blesses them both. Purvi also gets emotional. Kusum does aarti of both. Isha comes to Purvi and asks her to consider Kashi as he is the best. Deepa and Isha leave.

Jagannath and Kusum feel low. Purvi watches them discuss how they are sad for Deepa leaving. Purvi comes and says you guys are so emotional. Jagannath denies to believe it. Jagannath and Purvi start to taunt and Kusum enjoys it. Kusum asks Jagannath to forgive Alok. Jagannath says he is not guilty and I can’t forgive him. Jagannath goes from there.

Purvi asks Kusum why did Jagannath forgive Deepa but not Alok? Kusum says he is doing this because he is following his dad’s thing. Purvi and Kusum see a box with old memories of Jagannath and Kusum says how Jagannath cherishes all moments of past. Purvi says does he ses this? Kusum says yes he does it but not for his father’s stuff as it has wounds. Kusum says let me tell you the story. Kusum says Jagannath’s father was lawyer and was very respectable, Jagannath always used to fear him, father was full of ethics, father used to get angry on Jagannath very easily so mother used to come in between, then Jagannath always wanted to get praised by his father, though he was very capable but his dad never praised him, his father always said Jagannath is a black sheep as he didn’t become lawyer. Kusum says the history is repeating itself. Purvi says so can’t we make him realise this? Kusum says no, it’s difficult. Kusum says I lied to Jagannath that his dad left a gift for him, he got happy. Purvi and Kusum read the dairy of Jagannath’s dad.

Later, Purvi talks to Kashi about childhood and how he is so good and deserves lot of love which he lost in childhood. Purvi says I feel Jagannath also missed out on it, we all always live in past, we should live in present. Purvi says are you understanding? Kashi says I am getting emotional knowing about Jagannath. Purvi says we need to make son and father meet. Kashi says but how? Purvi says his dad is present in his memory and we want to make him cherish it. Later, Purvi asks Kusum to lie to Jagannath. Kusum says never lied. Purvi says then what about that gift thing. Kusum looks on. Purvi makes Kusum understand how it’s important. Kusum doesn’t agree. Purvi says only you know him so you can only do it. Kusum finally remembers their past memories and decides to write it dor Jagannath. Purvi consoles her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi brings out Jagannath’s parents’ items of past. Jagannath gets emotional.

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