Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 9th June 2022 Written Update: Jagannath finds a letter from his dad!

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 9th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Jagannath and Baby talking about Kusum being so busy with her pickle business. Jagannath says the milkman was asking for forgiveness so I forgave him. Kusum says that’s good, even Isha said Radhe want to ask for forgiveness and he took so much pickle of mine. Jagannath says so business is going well? Kusum says yes, I have got a profit of 10 thousand in three days. Jagannath says wow. Purvi comes with objects from a trunk of Jagannath’s Parents’. Baby says don’t take these out. Jagannath says what is all this Purvi? Purvi says I am just showing sun to these. Kusum says it’s okay. Jagannath is about to get angry but he sees his mother’s bangles and gets emotional. Jagannath starts seeing things around him of his parents’. Kusum and Purvi feel happy. Jagannath gets a diary with the note written by Kusum as Jagannath’s father. He reads it and walks inside room. Kusum and Purvi get hopeful that their plan works.


Jagannath reads the letter on how it’s of the day he got government job and his dad felt proud of him. Jagannath gets happy and sees the pictures of his childhood. Later, Jagannath comes out and sit. Purvi and Kusum see him. Purvi says why are you weaving this sweater? Kusum says for Jagannath I am weaving this. Jagannath is sitting with the laptop when Jagannath says Kusum turn this on and call Alok, you wanted to talk right? Kusum says no need, I called earlier. Jagannath says okay. Purvi says you want to talk to them right? Purvi calls Alok. Alok and Gunjan gets shocked seeing Jagannath called them.

Jagannath says Purvi made the call, now talk. Jagannath is about to cut the call when Alok says I am feeling very guilty of what i did, please forgive me. Jagannath says what can be the repent of such big mistake? Gunjan says Alok has prepared a statement confessing his crime and will submit to police. Alok says I was not that strong person of ethics so I couldn’t do it earlier. Gunjan says we are really sorry. Jagannath blesses them shocking them. Jagannath says Alok I was never disappointed by you, it’s just that I got hurt, I will pray god for you getting less number of days in jail but I won’t protect them. Jagannath closes the laptop. Kusum says did you ask Gunjan where she will stay when Alok goes to jail? Jagannath says I patched up with Alok and you are still worried about bahu, you are a mother in law only.

Jagannath asks Purvi to go to office. Jagannath tells Kusum how she wrote well in the diary, I understood your writing well. Kusum says dad must have said this only if he were alive. Jagannath says yes. Kusum says sorry, it was Purvi’s idea and we thought it will help you. Jagannath says this girl always does so much for our happiness. Just then Purvi comes and takes leave for office.

Purvi gets calls from her mother. Purvi ignores it but her mother keeps calling her. Purvi starts her show and invites caller. Purvi’s mother calls her and says your dad died, he is no more. Purvi gets emotional and says this is not your Purvi, it’s Purvi Mishra, this is a radio show. Purvi plays a song and he remembers all the moments with her parents. Purvi gets emotional and she cries. She is unable to control her emotions. Later, Purvi comes home and Kusum asks Purvi to call at home so she does. Purvi’s mother calls Purvi home.

Episode ends.

Precap – Purvi informs Jagannath about her mother coming. Purvi’s mother comes.

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