Janaki Kalaganaledu: Govindraju consoles Ramachandra

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Janaki Kalaganaledu is a Star Maa’s hit popular show. The unique storyline of the show attracted the viewer’s attention. Janaki is a well-educated woman who wants to become an IAS while Ramachandra is a sweet vendor. They both are married. Ramachandra adores his wife and supports her in every situation. The leads of the show Janaki and Ramachandra are loved for their chemistry.

In the today’s episode we will get to see Yogi asking Ramachandra for Janaki. He says that she has gone out but doesn’t know where did she go. Yogi panics and says whether she took harsh decision. Janaki asks the Lawyer to apply for the divorce. He gives her the papers and she signs those papers. Janaki confronts Jnanamba with the divorce papers. Mallika gets frustrated hearing Jnanamba’s decision.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Govindraju saying to Ramachandra that the problems between the Mother and a Son are like the heat in the milk which goes away. He asks him not to keep anything in heart and have his dinner. Janaki serves the dinner to everyone. Ramachandra forwards his hand infront of Jnanamba asking her to feed him. Jnanamba gets tears in her eyes.

What will Jnanamba do? Will Janaki divorce Ramachandra? Will Jnanamba forgive Ramachandra?

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