#JasFa Fans reviewed ‘Udaariyan’; talked about the show, on-going track, favorite character and more!

Ever since show Udaariyan premiered, show fetched mixed reaction from the audience. Despite of good TRP, fans of the show trended the show complaining about its storyline. They also criticized shows character Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine. Last we got Tejo fans from Udaariyan and asked them to review the show. So this time for our fan session activity we fetched character JASMINE fans from ‘Udaariyaan’ to learn more about show storyline, on-going track, favorite character and more! Read them out below.

1. Show ‘Udaariyaan’ was always a triangle love story, what made fans to criticize the show?

Talking about the same #JASFA fans told us that ‘Udaariyan’ promised to frame the story of three characters out there and their passion to live their dream. But makers turned the show into triangle love story that made audience to criticize the show.

@saloni_sanaya; Show udariyan was always a love triangle but as the show is based on dream of each and every character some fans want to see their dreams to take a flight but here no efforts seen to achieve their dreams rather than a triangle love story. Some fans want fateh to choose tejo over jasmine because they think jasmine is only obsessed with him. These things made fans criticise the show”

“show udariyaan is always a love triangle I completely agree with it but yes fans r criticizing it because this show has created two Fandom one jasfa and other fatejo if jasfa happens fatejo will criticize it and if fatejo happens then jasfa will criticize it but problem is that in the promo it was clear that fateh madly love jassu and jassu madly love Canada and tejo is stuck between the two .it is jasfa dream who attracted fans to this show so if fatejo happens in future they will feel cheated and criticized it surely because fateh sapna jassu will be changed .fans feel attached to jasfa love deeply they can’t see fateh falling for tejo and will definitely question his shiddat wala pyaar and makers repeated comparison of jasfa to heer ranjha ,fatejo come later in the show it is jasfa Fandom who is stick to the show since the beginning .their criticism is valid”- @Tina90390556.

Adding more to this fan @zuwanaxlisa wrote-Yes it is always a love triangle story but this show is about dreams as well… Everyone thought it’s a unique Concept… But now it looks like a typical pati patni and woh drama of itv… There’s no uniqueness in udaariyaan.”

As per: @bhavini_123When this show started sargun mam herself stated that this show is all about jasfa’s life and their dreams. jasmine’s dream of going to Canada and fateh’s dream of Winning jasmine’s heart and wanting Jasmine and her love with him for the rest of his life whereas tejo is connected with both of them. This was the main concept of the show and sadly the show went to the opposite direction which left fans heartbroken and disturbed.”

Lastly, @Cherry0054 quoted “From the very start from the promo it was clear that it’s gonna be a love triangle but the uniqueness of the show was it’s title udaariyaan (dreams) n they are out of this plot n made it the so called itv drma . N fight is obvious as there is no clarity no justification of the lead characters in this race they have ruined the characters. The actual point of fight is makers are trying to make both the fandoms happy”.

2. Talk something about the current track. Are you satisfied with the on-going?

Sharing their views on the current track our selected fans told us that they are partially satisfied with the on-going. After big revelation in the show fans expected Tejo’s move on and Fateh’s realization doing wrong with Jasmine and Tejo. But makers are showing it otherwise. Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine are staying under the same roof after so much happened is irking the viewers of the show. Fans revealed they expected better storyline.

3. Amid Tejo, Jasmine and Fateh, who do you think is right at their place? 

According to @Cherry0054 and @saloni_sanaya none amid the three is right at their place.

no one right I think Fateh should choose one should not play with the feelings of both the sisters. Jasmin needs to be lil mature sensible. Tejo should move on live an independent life should live for herself . We don’t want makers to interlink the three lives we wants to see their own independent story nd wanna see beautiful jasfatejo bond”.- @Cherry0054

“According to me none of them is completely right at their place and none of them completely wrong tejo the person who herself war helping to unite fateh and jasmine, after getting married to fateh all of sudden she forgot everything and instigating fateh to move on then after knowing about jasfa’s current relationship status she humiliated them because of her one sided twenty days love Fateh who keeps jasmine in his heart gets intimate with tejo and then goes back to jasmine and having an extra marital relationship with her we know he loves her but cheating is wrong 3. Jasmine keeps manipulating and lieing fateh who always support and stands by her but we know she is little immature and does all these evils in a childish manner but she is doing all for the purpose of getting back her love”- @saloni_sanaya

While, @zuwanaxlisa, @bhavini_123 and @Tina90390556 shared their different point of view on the same.

@Tina90390556 : all characterz are in right place but jasmine is suffering alot in this because everyone hates her be it sandhus virks her sister everyone she has only one person with her that is fateh and no other one she is facing all this hatred for what fateh only. But still makers gas made tejo s character so much sympathetic that no one loves her.

All of them r right in their own places… But Jasmine don’t have any self-respect nor tejo… We would like to see Jasmine positive.- @zuwanaxlisa

obviously heer and her ranjah our jasfa. fateh was the main reason i started to watch this show. His passion towards jasmine,junoonn of getting her love, his asshique and shiddat for her. He always wanted to see her happy. Her cute smile is everything he wanted to see for the rest of his life. For fateh his love , his life, his dream, his sakoon, his smile everything is jasmine and I am really happy that after his unfortunate marriage with tejo he still loves his jasmine more than his own life.- @bhavini_123

4. Who is your favorite Udaariyaan character and why?

@Tina90390556 likes Fateh’s character. My favorite character in udariyaan is fateh because the way his character us written it is truly good , 5what makes us hook to the show us jasfa love and jassu dream

Lastly, what one suggestion you will give to the makers of Udaariyan?

Talking with us JASFA fans told us that they want makers not to turn the show into a typical triangle love story instead of that they want the growth in JasFa love story.

One suggestion I would like to give makers is they should always keep love between jasmine and fateh as jasmine’s dream is Canada and fateh’s is jasmine and tejo is stuck between them fateh should never fall for tejo. Secondly they should not play with jasmine’s character to show tejo mahan as we see the pakoda and passport incident and jasmine is misbehaving with elders. Last but not the least at the end we want their dreams to be fulfilled tab Jake hogi udariyan puri warna udariyan nam rakhne ka kya matlab jab sapne pure na ho ya sapne hi Badal jaye- @saloni_sanaya

the suggestion will be in the cycle of making both the fandoms happy you are playing with their feelings, we want some clarity n justice to the characters the three of them are best in the their way n can make the best story without this triangle drama pls don’t ruin their characters . Nd pls in the fight of this jasfa fatejo don’t ruin one purest n beautiful bond of udaariyaan that’s jastejo sisters bond .- @Cherry0054

I will request to the makers that please don’t ruin jasfa lovestory and please let them both live with each other for the rest of their lives happily. We want their wedding and their happiness is what we all want from the bottom of our hearts. We always wanted jasfa wedding but we were left heartbroken when family forced and blackmailed fateh for marrying tejo. Fateh never loved tejo she was his sister in law but family made him marry tejo. Family blackmailed tejo to marry fateh who was her sister’s man. This concept was totally wrong. Family made this blunder just for the sake of their respect and ignored their children happiness. No one is happy now- @bhavini_123

And i suggest that stop ruining jasfa’s love and the sandhu’s sisters bond….

“The suggestion that I want to give to makers is that pls made udaariyaan a unique show don’t make it typically love after marriage drama Jasfa love is unique in whole itv shows stop ruining it Make jassu positive it is highly demanded Complete this fateh sidhat wala pyaar in positive way you called them heer ranjha and we want to see that after passing many hurdles finally they will get their love and live happily Don’t make jasfa toxic for doing fatejo pls Protect this unique love story We want to see sister bond we badly missing it- @Tina90390556

So [@saloni_sanaya , @Tina90390556, @Cherry0054, @bhavini_123, @zuwanaxlisa] are our top fans who got featured in our article this week. Thank you so much for the interaction.

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