Jhanak 10th February 2024 Written Update: Arshi slaps Jhanak

Jhanak 10th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a very shocking information. Chhoton enquiries in the blood bank to search for the o negative blood group. But all the staff clearly says that there is no bottle left except one. They spread the news so that they could get the blood by hook or crook. Though Chhoton tries his best to arrange some blood but he is insulted vehemently by Shubha. Choton and Barda both decide to enquire in the surrounding blood bank so that the operation will get started.


Meanwhile, Jhanak reaches the hospital for visiting Anirudha for once. But as soon as she reaches in the hospital, Shubha shows her utmost anger accusing him as a criminal. She tries even best to make them understand behind her sudden arrival but no one listens her. Being frustrated, Jhanak begs the family members of Anirudha for that they will let her visit the patient for once. But she is ordered to leave the spot immediately.

Everyone seems very rude and offended as Jhanak has arrived here. They show their utmost anger and will raise question against Jhanak. Jhanak also raises her voice and empathetically says no one could stop her from meeting Anirudha. Everyone blames her for the present of Anirudha.

The nurse enquires to the family whether they have arranged the blood. Shristi and Arshi both lash her out but when Jhanak learns that Anirudhha needs a bottle of o positive blood group to survive. She interrupts and says that her blood group is o positive. Arshi and Shristi both get furious on Jhanak listening her suggestion. But Jhanak begs them to accept the blood of her.

Though Shristi couldn’t accept that Jhanak will share her blood with Anirudha. But the nurse asks Jhanak to do fast. Finally, Jhanak donates the blood to Anirudha but the doctor doesn’t get any hope. Jhanak prays to God so that Anirudha gets her life. Here, Shubha is requested by Shrishti that they shouldn’t inform Anirudha about his blood doner. All the family members insist Jhanak to leave the hospital. As Choton proceeds to support Jhanak but Arshi insults her.

Episode ends.

Precap : Jhanak will reach into the cabin of Anirudhha to see him for once.

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