Jhanak 10th June 2024 Written Update: Arshi prepones the marriage

Jhanak 10th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the conversation between Anirudh and Rahul. Anirudh wants to bring Rahul and Jhanak in their life so that they could be united. But Rahul hesitates to marry Jhanak because he doesn’t have any financial support or permanent job to settle down with a girl. Anirudhha assures that he will arrange a job in Kolkata and will help to settle them down peacefully. He also motivates him to take the responsibility of Jhanak and ask him whether he really loves the girl or not.

Being perplexed by the sudden confrontation of Anirudhha, Rahul couldn’t understand what he should do. Being assured by the words of Aniruddha, Rahul gets the energy and the motivation to patch up with Janak. He also understands the urgency to save the life of Jhanak and promises that he will take care of the talent of Jhanak. Although Anirudhha he feels very down, when he thinks that Jhanak will be going to marry Rahul but he gets relieved to think a peaceful life of the girl.

On the other hand, Srishti and Bose family reach in the Kashmir to stop Jhanak from manipulating Anirudhha. Bharat reaches in the airport to welcome them. They all want to arrange the marriage between Anirudhha and Arshi. The delay might cause any problems. Bharath assures he will arrange everything for that wedding ceremony but they shouldn’t postpone this marriage anymore. But Arshi doesn’t feel that kind of excitement which she used to feel before. Anirudh’s parents assures that everything will be alright after the marriage.

After a while they reach in the hotel where Anirudhha and Jhanak have been staying. From the waiter, they come to know that Anirudhha has been taking care of Jhanak very well. Jhanak prepares for her upcoming exam sitting in the hotel room but she could hardly stop overthinking about the uncertain future of Anirudhha. Suddenly she is informed that her family has come to meet her. She get surprised.

As soon as they come to meet Jhanak, they start insulting her. They also question her why did she stop the marriage with Tejas. They accuse that Arshi’s relationship is going to die because of her intervention in the life. Bharat claims that Jhanak is intentionally destroying the relationship of Arshi with Anirudhha. Jhanak also tries to defend herself. Manual Anirudhha also comes in the hotel and tries to defend Jhanak. He reminds her that it was Srishti who wanted to spoil the life of Jhanak and intentionally contacted Tejas to kidnap Jhanak.

Episode ends.

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