Jhanak 12th June 2024 Written Update: An unpleasant situation is created with Jhanak

Jhanak 12th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the wedding ceremony of Anirudhha and Arshi. To make Jhanak jealous, Vipasha lies that Aniruddha is romancing with Arshi before they are getting wedded. In the room of Aniruddha, Arshi hugs him tightly but he doesn’t feel any emotional connection with his fiance. He pretens to be closer with her, but it seems very difficult to him to accept Arshi as his present. When they come down in the reception, Anirudhha rebukes Jhanak for not preparing for her upcoming examination.

Finally Aniruddha and Arshi come on the wedding stage. Gradually the priest starts chanting the mantras of wedding. Jhanak keeps stare at them and feels a pain inside. Seeing her indifference, Srishti and Tanuja poke har emotional struggle. Jhanak also tries to hide her terrible pain, they also try to remind her that whatever Anirudh has done for her is outside of pity, Aniruddha only loves Arshi. An unpleasant situation is created when Jhanak tries to explain that she doesn’t have any emotion for Aniruddha, the both side try to hide their true intention. Srishti tries to torment Jhanak reminding her proper position in Aniruddha’s life.

Bharat is appreciated for his quick arrangement, Srishti and Tanuja both seem very satisfied seeing Aniruddha and Arshi getting married. Tanuja asks Lal to book flight tickets since they want to return after the marriage as soon as possible. But Lal reminds them that Anirudhha might stay in Kashmir until the examination of Jhanak. Vipasha wants Arshi to stay with Aniruddha. But Srishti says Aashi doesn’t have any time to stay in Kashmir without any reason, she has many works to do in Kolkata. Bharat assures that nothing unpleasant will occur after the marriage of Aniruddha, he will show her real responsibility towards his family. Tanuja also secures Aniruddha will not hurt Arshi anymore.

Aniruddh and Arshi are getting married following all the Hindu rituals. Jhanak could hardly able to hide her emotion towards Anirudhha. At the last of the marriage, Aniruddha is asked to put the vermilion on the forehead of Arshi. Jhanak and Aniruddha both remind their own marriage. Suddenly the priest identifies Anirudhha who was married with Jhanak.
He recalls everything and stops the marriage. He interrogates Anirudhha about the marriage of the past, he accepts everything and points out that that marriage was forceful.

Aniruddh and Jhanak both try to explain that situation which forced them to marry each other but the priest doesn’t want to listen anything, he stops the marriage. He lashes them out both.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anirudhha will inform Arshi that he has already arranged the marriage of Jhanak with whom she used to love.

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