Jhanak 1st June 2024 Written Update: Aniruddha stays adamant

Jhanak 1st June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the confrontation of Arshi to Anirudhha. She tries to prove that Anirudhha has lied to her when she asked about the golden ring. Anirudhha said that it was purchased by himself but Arshi proves with the bill and confirmation letter that this ring was bought by Jhanak. Arshi interrogates her fiance why did he lie to her hiding the true facts from everyone. Everyone becomes confirmed that when Anirudhha hid the true fact that Jhanak secretly give this ring to him.

Being caught in red handed, now Anirudhha accepts that this ring was given by Jhanak but he didn’t want any harassment or insult of Jhanak because of that ring that’s why he completely kept it secret. Already Jhanak has suffered a lot but now he won’t let them to insult her. He becomes furious when Arshi orders him to take the golden ring off. He doesn’t want to follow the every words of fiance and adamantly says he won’t throw this ring by any condition.

The whole family insist Ani to remove the ring, but Anirudhha reminds them that Jhanak paid her respect through this ring. He wants to keep it with him all the time. The passion for Jhanak in the eyes of Anirudhha surprises everyone, he also says that no one can remove the thoughts of Jhanak from his head and heart. Become furious Arshi leaves the Bose house.

Coming into his own room, he calls Jhanak to know about her journey. When Jhanak learns that Anirudhha has tolerated insulting words from his parents because of that golden ring she feels very down and apologizes to Aniruddha. But he shows the importance of Jhanak and her given ring to him. Aniruddha reminds their relationship since they were married with eachother.

Though Jhanak pretends that she doesn’t have any feelings for Anirudhha, but he confesses that his mind is growing feelings for her, he doesn’t want to forget their marriage so easily. Aniruddh also says that he doesn’t feel to take off this ring because it reminds of Jhanak in her absence. But Jhanak doesn’t support the words of Aniruddha since is going to marry another girl within a few days.

Anirudhha still doesn’t feel peace until Jhanak reaches in Shrinagar safely. He instructs her to concentrate on her own studies so that she could take the revenge on her enemies. Jhanak feels uneasy seeing the concern of Anirudhha for her. She intentionally avoids and hurts him. In the night, they couldn’t sleep and continue to think of each other.

Jhanak reaches in Kashmir, but before getting down at the station, Jhanak gets a call from a fake police officer and asks her to go with him so that she will be safe. When the original police learns to know about this matter, they become confirmed that Jhanak is already abducted by someone else. Getting the news of Jhanak, Anirudhha decides to reach Kashmir on the same day.

Episode ends.

Precap : Tejas will announce his marriage with Jhanak. She will also accept this without any hesitation.

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