Jhanak 22nd March 2024 Written Update: Jhanak unboxes all her secrets

Jhanak 22nd March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the question answer period in the press conference. When Shristi and Arshi disclose the harsh truth of Jhanak, she is questioned by many hard questions by other media reporters. Jhanak becomes totally screwed up and starts a lecture in English at first which makes others stupefied. When Shristi and Arshi both defame Jhanak, the latter unboxes the relation with Shristi and Arshi. She also describes the heart wrenching story of her mother who didn’t give any respect from her husband and the society also.

Jhanak emphatically says she wants to achieve a very powerful position through her dance so that she could take a revenge on them who has been pushing her back continuously. She also breaks down in tears while she describes her whole journey. She again expresses her gratitude to Anirudhha who helped her in every possible way.
Coming into the house, Anirudhha discloses that he has got a great job opportunity in abroad. The whole family get excited and overwhelmed. The elders bless Anirudhha since he has achieved a great thing.

Meanwhile, Bablu and his wife also express their feelings for Anirudhha but again Tanuja and Shubho taunt their financial position. Meanwhile, Badima interferes and reminds them that this family stood by itself because of the contribution Bablu. He continuously contributed this family and sacrificed his own line which helped Shubha to stand up by her own.
Meanwhile, Arshi and Shristi come in the Bose house. Everyone cordially greet them in the Bose family and try to start a pleasing plan of upcoming Holi. But Aniruddha is questioned by Arshi and Shristi whether he has attended the programme or not.

Anirudhha confesses that he attended the programme but he was forced. He makes some fake excuses and manages the situation. To distract from the topic, Anirudhha declares his job opportunity in abroad. Arshi melts in the words of Aniruddha. Again Arshi and Shristi lash out Jhanak since she insulted them whole in front of everyone.

Episode ends.

Precap: Shristi will finalize the marriage of Jhanak with Tejas which will shock everyone.

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