Jhanak 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha lashes out Jhanak

Jhanak 23rd February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the conversation between Anirudha and Jhanak. When everyone of the family members accuses Jhanak as a culprit who tactfully entered into the hospital without informing anyone, Jhanak tries to give the right explanation to Aniruddha to check his health. To clarify the intention of herself Jhanak again says that she didn’t have any bad intention to harm Anirudha. She was replaced instead of the original nurse. But no one is ready to listen Jhanak and her contribution towards their life. Chhoton interrupts and says that it was Jhanak who saved the life of Anirudhha.

Ignoring all the fear and threatening words, Jhanak offered Puja in the temple. As soon as she had touched the pious flower in the head of Anirudhha, he got back his sense and recuperated well. No one is ready to believe that Jhanak also offered Puja in the same temple. But Anirudhha declines that Jhanak saved his life. He claims that only doctor helped him to get well. Arshi lashes out Jhanak who has forcefully tried to enter between the relationship Arshi and Anirudha. Anirudha also insults Jhanak vehemently with cruel words which hurts Jhanak very much.

Anirudha doesn’t want to let Jhanak anywhere go because she might harm this family being in outside. Anjana and her husband try to convince Anirudhha that Jhanak helped her to get back his life. Anirudha again insults Jhanak and rebukes as she went into the temple without informing anyone. Even she has any right to pray for him, but still she forcefully intervened in their personal matter. Jhanak prays to Anirudha to let her go, she doesn’t want to live in this house anymore. But Anirudhha fears that Jhanak might take the revenge to this family.

Jhanak couldn’t able to bear the insult and breaks down in tears. Anuradha forces her to stay in the house and will leave her only when all the legal process will be completed. After all the dispute, the Saraswati Puja starts. The priest continues his veneration. Jhanak couldn’t stop her crying, both Appu and Chhoton try to console her. Chhoton also apologies to Jhanak as she was insisted to come in this house by himself. Chhoton hopes that everything will be fine after few days.

Episode ends.

Precap : Shristi will lash her out as she didn’t help to find out her own husband. Jhanak will be blamed for ruining their homely peace. Jhanak will clear out that her husband will never pick up the phone and will indicate Anirudha who know everything about her spouse.

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