Jhanak 25th March 2024 Written Update: Anirudha and Jhanak to perform together

Jhanak 25th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a very interesting revelation to Anirudhha. He comes to know that Jhanak will dance with Appu’s song. He seems very excited and asks her to keep it as a secret. Appu also becomes very excited as Jhanak has agreed to dance with her. Arshi notices them to talk with each other and asks Anirudhha what they were talking. Anirudha keeps the secret in himself and says he was motivating Appu to perform well. After while, all the family members put Gulal in each other’s face and celebrate the Holi. Appu feels very bad since no is playing Holi with Jhanak.

Suddenly Anirudha comes to Jhanak and puts some colour on the face of Jhanak. Though Jhanak tries to stop him but Anirudhha doens’t hear any excuse from her and wishes het happy Holi. Jhanak feels irritated and asks Anirudhha to leave her alone. Arshi also feels very disturbed seeing the proximity between Anirudhha and Jhanak. Anirudha’s reminds that today is Holi and it’s a sacred culture to put Gulal in each other’s face.

Appu starts her singing on the stage. Jhanak also starts dancing with her. Though Anirudha and Chhoton enjoy their performance, but other evils don’t seem pleased to see their performance. Suddenly Appu forgets the lyrics of the songs and stops in the midst. Anirudhha starts singing and Jhanak agains beings her dancing. Their performance draw the attention of the guests. To spoil the image of Jhanak, Tanuja asks Vipasha to make her intoxicated. Bringing the Prasad and Sidhhi Sarbat, Vipasha offers Jhanak to have it.

After having the Sarbat, Jhanak feels something weird in herself. Again Vipasha offers her a glass of Sarbat. Now Jhanak gets intoxicated and loses her present sanity. Jhanak starts laughing without any reason. Her behaviour makes everyone surprised. Anirudha becomes freaked out seeing the odd gesture of Jhanak. When Vipasha again offers Jhanak Sarbat, Anirudha forbids her to give any juice. Though he understands that Jhanak has become intoxicated but no one could stop her weird behaviour. She also pukes all her pain and tries to be relieved to say everything.

Jhanak is asked to go into her room. Anirudhha gets disturbed for Jhanak and becomes tensed. He also rebukes Vipasha since she indulged her to have the drink. Anirudhha also drinks a lot to be intoxicated.

Precap : Shristi will bring Tejas in the Bose family and will finalize the marriage of Jhanak with Tejas which will shock everyone.

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