Jhanak 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak is kidnapped by Tejas

Jhanak 2nd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the conversation between the police and Anirudhha. Both the side couldn’t connect with Jhanak after reaching Kashmir. Anirudhha gets tensed failed to connect with Jhanak. The police assures that they will find out Jhanak and will file a case against Tejas, so it would be easier to arrest Tejas. They search every spot of the station that Jhanak is not there.

On the other hand the kidnapper has already snatched the mobile phone of Janak so that she couldn’t connect to Anirudhha. One of them pretends to talk with Aniruddha to befool Jhanak.

The police informs Anirudhha that something mishap has happened with the girl since they delayed to come there. Aniruddha becomes utterly agitated thinking about Jhanak and decides to reach Kashmir as soon as possible. He feels extremely guilt because of his own negligence. Now he wants to fix this.

Aniruddha informs one of his colleagues that he is going Srinagar but he is requested to keep this as the secret. Anirudh doesn’t want to let his family known about his decision and asks Sandeep not to disclose it. He also assures he will return within few days but it’s very urgent and emergency for him. He couldn’t help but to go there. He describes the whole situation to his boss so that he will give him the permission to go the there. Sandeep requests Anirudhha to inform Arshi at least but Anirudhha doesn’t want to disclose this matter to anyone.

Chhoton is specialised to give a expensive gift to Arshi. He is also compared with Subha who earns more money than Chhotan. Vipasha pulls the leg of Chhoton because of Mrinalini who has not identified him in spite of meeting him. The difference between Mrinalini and Chhoton is highlighted to insult Chhoton.

Coming to the house Aniruddha since very tired and exhausted. His parents ask him whether there is something wrong with him. Ajanta and Bablu both become tensed, think there is something happened with Jhanak. Shubha and Tanuja forbids them to mention the name of Jhanak, when Anirudhha himself is tensed about his own personal problems. Anirudhha lies that he couldn’t connect with Jhanak. Arshi also comes there.

Anirudhha lies that he have to go to Delhi tomorrow for an emergency issues. Arshi doubts whether Ani is saying the truth or not, she decides to call the boss of Anirudh so that he will be assured about the statement of Ani.

Episode ends.

Precap : Tejas will announce his marriage with Jhanak. She will also accept this without any hesitation.

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