Jhanak 30th January 2024 Written Update: Shubho criticizes the decision of Anirudha

Jhanak 30th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Jhanak who has arrived finally in Anirudha’s office. Before entering in the office, Jhanak expreses her dilemma to Chhoton. Seeing them both, Anirudha gets relieved and he becomes immensely hall since Jhanak has granted his wish. Jhanak asks him about the consequences which will be drag them both. But Anirudha asks her to concentrate on the dance instead of other things. He promises that he will handle if someone insult her.

Apu emphatically says that she won’t perform on the stage without the presence of Jhanak. Anjana tries to convince her, but Apu adamantly declines all the efforts. Apu obstinately says that she will not perform on the stage untill Jhanak will not come there. Her mother Anjana gets rid of for her behaviour. But then Anirudha brings Jhanak there. Seeing Jhanak Aparajita gets overwhelmed. Though at first Anjana questions for her sudden appearance, but Anirudhha describes his plan. She blesses Jhanak so that she could perform well. The anchor calls the Chhou dance who wonderfully presents their skills. After that Aparajita’s name is announced.

The anchor respectfully introduces Aparajita but she feels afraid of the whole situation. Her nervousness make the audience laughed. Shubho, Tanuja and other criticize the decision of Aniruddha as they expect that Apu couldn’t handle the stage fear. Making everyone surprised, Apu mentions the name of Jhanak but tactfully she manages the situation. Vipasha, Shubho and all others become aggrieved for this daring attitude of Anirudha.

Shristi and Arshi also become offended listening the name of Jhanak again. Shristi rigidly says if Jhanak would perform on the stage, she would definitely cancel the programme. Jhanak and she wouldn’t perform on the same stage. Aparajita starts her singing which make the audience impressed. After her performance, she again mentions the name of Jhanak. The whole family start doubting whether Jhanak has really arrived there.

Episode ends.

Precap : The anchor will announce the name of Jhanak to perform on the stage Vipasha, Shubho and all others will become aggrieved seeing Jhanak on the stage. Arshi and Shristi will feel insulted and will decide to leave the spot without performing. Tanuja couldn’t understand why Anirudha has taken this foolish decision to spoil his own image. But to make everyone surprised, Jhanak will wonderfully perform.

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