Jhanak 30th May 2024 Written Update: Tejas receives Jhanak’s information

Jhanak 30th May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a very pensive scene in the Bose house since Jhanak is abortion ot leave the house today. Aniruddha couldn’t able to control her own tears. Finally, taking the blessing of the elders, Jhanak heads out to the bus stand with Anirudhha and Chhoton.

As soon as they leave Shristi calls Tejas and informs that Jhanak is headed out to Shrinagar. She wants Tejas to take the responsibility of of Jhanak so that police couldn’t able to protect her. Tejas has been insulting for a longer time for Jhanak butbthis time he wants to take ethr revenge on her. Tejas mocks the relationship with Anirudhha. But Shristi claims that Jhanak manipulated Aniruddha and married her. Tejas promises that he will kidnap her by hook or crook.

Reaching the railway station, Jhanak invite Aniruddha in the Kashmir in your honeymoon trip. Anirudhha says he couldn’t able to forget her anyday. Jhanak becomes surprised to listen this and becomes emotional. Anirudhha expected that Jhanak will build up a strong career by her own and will take the stand for her deceased mother. Jhanak assures that she will take care of career.

Chhoton brings some foods for Jhanak which makes her emotional. Chhoton expresses his concern and love for Jhanak. He promises that he will be there whenever she will be needed. Aniruddh wants to go with Jhanak until Srinagar but Jhanak forbids him to go with her without ticket. Suddenly the announcements of the train gets started. Chhoton feels very bad for Jhanak, in spite of requesting her, Jhanak doesn’t want stay there anymore.

Anirudhha also boards the train to say her goodbye. They both become very emotional. But they both couldn’t able to say that they love each other.

After leaving of Jhanak, Arshi comes in the house of Aniruddha. When she learns that Jhanak has finally left the house she gets relieved. They start to plan about their upcoming engagement ceremony, she couldn’t able to wait for that day. Vipasha wants to be confirmed weather Jhanak has reached Srinagar or not. She doesn’t want Jhanak in their life anymore.

After a while, Anirudhha also comes there and informs Jhanak has headed out towards Kashmir. Suddenly, Arshi notices the ring which was given by Jhanak on the fingers of Anirudh.

Episode ends.

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