Jhanak 31st May 2024 Written Update: Appu feels the absence of Jhanak tremendously

Jhanak 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with pensive situation in Bose family since Appu is not having any food after leaving of Janak. Anirudhha asks his aunty to take care of Appu since she had got a shock in her life.

Arshi comes into the house of Anirudha to discuss about her upcoming engagement. She is offered a glass of juice to Arshi by Anirudhha. When Anirudhha serves her the juice to Arshi, suddenly, Arshi notices the ring which was given by Jhanak on the fingers of Anirudhha. Arshi becomes very doubtful about the attitude of Ani and starts to confronting him about the ring. She doubts that Jhanak has given to him but Anirudhha is now hiding from her.

Arshi wants to know about the shop from which Anirudh has taken this ring but Ani promises that he does not want to disclose this truth to his family otherwise the whole family will taunt Jhanak again and will insist him to put off the last sign of memory. Anirudhha doesn’t want to share his personal things to Arshi and moulds his own words to to avoid the questions. He becomes rude when Arshi insists him to utter the name of the shop.

When the situation calms down they again start discussing about the upcoming engagement ceremony which will be held within few days. When the whole family become busy to arrange everything for the marriage of Aniruddha, he himself doesn’t feel any enthusiasm in himself about his own marriage. Appu still misses Jhanak. But the elders forbids her to utter the name of Jhanak. Ani’s family feels very relieved since Jhanak has finally left the house. But both Ajanta and Appu feel the absence of Jhanak tremendously.

Jhanak used to work hard in the house, but after her leaving, there is no one to fulfill the other needs of the family. Ajanta explains how she used to help Appu to have her education and health. Vipasha and Lal both try to search other maid for the family. Byu Tanuja and Shubha don’t prioritise Ajanta who doesn’t get any time after working in the kitchen. Anirudhha asks Vipasha to join Ajanta in the kitchen but Vipasha feels insulted. Shubha prefers to order the food from outside.

On the other hand, Arshi comes into jewellery shop to be confirmed about the golden ring which Anirudhha has put on his finger. She thinks that Jhanak has given this to him. She enquires in the shop about the person who baught those rings.

Finally, through the bill and the statement Arshi becomes confirmed that Jhanak has given that ring to Aniruddha. Coming into the house she starts confronting him.

Episode ends.

Precap : Jhanak will reach in Kashmir, but before getting down at the station, Jhanak will get a call from a fake police officer and will ask her to go with him so that she will be safe. When the original police will learn to know about this matter, they become confirmed that Jhanak is already abducted by someone else. Getting the news of Jhanak, Anirudhha will decide to reach Kashmir on the same day.

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