Jhanak 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Aniruddha gets a letter

Jhanak 3rd February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Jhanak who is insisted to leave the house in the absence of Anirudha. She fears of something in her around. She also misses Anirudha immensely. The bus is about to leave the city. She couldn’t able to decide where would she go returning in the Kashmir. Though she has her own village but her mind hesitates it return in that village. She also knows very well that as soon as she will take the entry in village, the villagers will raise their questions about her personal life and will also mention the name of Anirudha. She is chickened out imagining the consequence.


Aniruddha returns the home and his eyes searches for Jhanak. He hopes that oneday Jhanak will get all her deserving respect and fame. He also wishes the best for Jhanak. Coming in the house, Anirudha notices his father is standing outside. Though he questions why he is doing outside in this early morning, but Shubho manages the situation lying him. Shubho informs Tanuja and Vipasha that their mission has got successful. They get relieved getting the confirmation.

Returning into his room, Anirudhha notices a letter in the table. He reads out the letter which was written by Jhanak when she was about leave. In the letter, Jhanak has apologized to her husband Anirudhha so that he wouldn’t misunderstand her. He immediately understands that she has left the house without informing anyone. Suddenly, he thinks of his father and becomes confirmed that his father has did something to her.

Aniruddha comes in the ground shouting Jhanak’s name. Shubho and Tanuja becomes alarmed but they ignore all the questions. But Anirudhha doubts that his parents has forcefully convienced her to leave the city before his arrival. Chhoton has also arrived there.

Tanuja and Shubho both fake out. Lal also pretends as if he doesn’t know anything about Jhanak. Anirudha immediately decides that he will search Jhanak by hook or crook. On the other hand, Tejas also boards on the same bus siting beside Tejas.

Episode ends.

Precap : Precap: Jhanak will head out for Shrinagar. Surprisingly Tejas will also board on the same bus. Seeing him, Jhanak will be surprised and will get freaked out. Anirudha will chase the bus to stop and will shout with name of Jhanak but Tejas will threat Jhanak that if she will raise her voice, he will shoot him out.

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