Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Anirudha decides to resign from the job

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with a very suspensefull scene in Bose family. To get the sympathy, Anirudhha lies that he is ordered to go Delhi on her engagement day so unfortunately this engagement will not take place on the fixed date. The whole family becomes very tensed to think how they will manage the whole thing. Harshi doubts to think whether aniruddh is saying the truth and decides to talk with his manager by herself. Aniruddha pretends sad being kicked off by his misfortune but doesn’t let his family understand that actually he is going to Kashmir to find out Jhanak who has been kidnapped by Tejas.

Expressing his hate towards his job, Aniruddha requests Arshi to negotiate the matter with his boss so that they could postpone the trip for the sake of his engagement. To convince his family Anirudhha decides to resign from the job but Shubha immediately makes her understand that it’s not very easy to get a job like this which is a very good profile.

Here, Jhanak reaches the Srinagar and gets emotional see the scenic beauty of Kashmir. She recalls her old good days how she used to live here happily with her mom how amazing the days were when she would spent her times with all the friends and neighbours. She decides in a mind that she won’t return in Kolkata again and will find out a job in Kashmir to live her life. She doesn’t want any prosperity in her life, since there is no one to cherish her success.

Suddenly, she notices the road which reaches to her home but the police car doesn’t take the road. She becomes agitated, and asks the police officer where they are going, the kidnapper assures that she will be kept in a government house which is more safe than her house itself. Jhanak pleas them to take her to the home but kidnappers don’t listen any of her words. On the other hand, the police searches for Jhanak everywhere.

As soon as Jhanak is brought in the safe house, Tejas comes to meet her. Seeing him, she becomes totally freaked out. When understand that she has been kidnapped by Tejas, she immediately tries to escape from there but all the security guards of Tejas immediately stop her from running anywhere else.

Tejas clearly says this time he will not make any mistake, he will definitely fulfill his revenge on Jhanak. Her fury errupts listening the evil face of Tejas but there is no way out of escaping. Tejas insults Jhanak and the relationship with Anirudhha since he didn’t give any stamp to the relationship, rather he is going to marry Arshi. Tejas threats that he will kill Anirudhha if she won’t listen any of his orders. If she will get agree to marry Tejas in front of the media, he will let Anirudh go safely otherwise his life will be at risk.

Episode ends.

Precap: Jhanak will accept the condition of Tejas and will get agree to marry him.

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