Jhanak 4th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak accepts the proposal of Tejas

Jhanak 4th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a dispute between Jhanak and Tejas. Being afraid with the words of Tejas, Jhanak agrees to the offer of him. But Tejas gives the condition that she have to accept the proposal of Tejas in front of the media reporters, he gets surprised to see the dedication of the love of Jhanak towards Anirudhha that she is ready to sacrifice her own life for her beloved. Tejas promises that if she will marry Tejas in front of everyone he will not do any har to Anirudhha. After getting the promise of Jhanak, he starts to decorate his own house.

Not getting any phone call from Jhanak, Anirudhha gets freaked out. He couldn’t understand what he should do now and tries to connect with her repeatedly. He becomes totally resteless thinking of Jhanak and also starts missing her. Appu also becomes very tensed getting no call from Jhanak, he comes sto Anirudha and asks whether he has got any phone call from her. Aniruddha promises that he will return Jhanak to Appu.

On the same day Tejas arranges a meeting with the media reporters in where he will announce his own marriage with Jhanak. Gradually he opens up that he has got his dream girl and now he is totally ready to getting married. The police and the media reporter assumes that there is a connection between Jhanak and Tejas.

Following the announce of Tejas Jhanak comes in the same meeting hall under a veil. The reporter couldn’t understand who is this girl. Before opening the veil, Tejas reminds the condition. Jhanak nods her head only. Tejas introduces Jhanak with the media reporters and asks her to unveil her face. Police could understand why Jhanak has agreed to marry Tejas. Jhanak herself introduces herself and invites all the reporters in her marriage ceremony.

The media reporters ask mini unwanted questions to Jhanak but she tackfully answers them all. Tejas also hides all the true facts from all the reporters and police. The polices are also convinced that Jhanak has come in Srinagar in her own will.

Jhanak promises that she will escape from the clutches of one day. But Aniruddha will misunderstand her which will enforce him to love Arshi.

In the next day, Anirudh heads out towards Kashmir. Reaching there he calls the police and gets the information that Jhanak is going to marry Tejas. Aniruddha becomes totally shocked. The police asks Anirudhha to return home, since there is no hope for Jhanak.

Episode ends.

Precap : Jhanak will be going to marry Tejas. On the same stage, Anirudha will come to confront Tejas and Jhanak both.

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