Jhanak 5th June 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha becomes flabbergasted reading the news

Jhanak 5th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the conversation between police and Anirudhha. His tension is intensified when police informs that Jhanak is abducted by Tejas and his team. Aniruddh requests police officer to intervene in the conspiracies of Tejas so that he could able to save the life of Jhanak.

Srishti calls his brother to know about the present scenario in Srinagar, Bharat assures that Tejas has successfully taken over the case of Jhanak, and he has successfully announced the marriage with Jhanak in a press conference. Arshi also comes to know that Jhanak is going to marry Tejas. The news totally makes her surprised and excited but her tension doesn’t get wiped off because of Anirudhha’s sudden absence. She couldn’t believe her own ears that Jhanak herself has agreed to marry Tejas. Bharat assures Arshi nothing will go wrong. She gets relieved learning this confirmed news.

Coming into the waiting room of airport, Aniruddha searches for the newspaper following the request of the police officer. He couldn’t understand why the police has asked to check the newspaper. He tries to predic the news but tension gets increased. After a while, Anirudhha becomes flabbergasted reading out the newspaper. He couldn’t believe his own eyes that Jhanak has agreed to marry Tejas. He trembles in agitation.

Vinayak gets a huge shock when he learns this shocking news of Janak, he anticipates when Arshi says that Jhanak doesn’t have any ambition for her career in spite of having many chances. He also criticizes his own daughter who seems very happy for the upcoming destruction of Jhanak’s life. He believes that Karma will give the punishment to the evils. Arshi is asked to spread this news as soon as possible. She can’t wait to inform Anirudh. But her head asks how to wait until the marriage, otherwise any mishap could happen before the celebration.

Jhanak gets ready for her wedding function, Tejas instructs all his stuffs to arrange everything in a perfect manner. He doesn’t want to do any mistake for this long waited day. He feels proud of himself and for his smartness.

Arshi comes in the Bose house to inform this news to all the family members. As soon as, she comes Bipasha realise there is something happened. She couldn’t hold her excitement. When Bipasha and Tanuja learn that Jhanak is going to marry Tejas, they are totally shocked in excitement.

Aniruddh again calls the police and asks them to intervene as first as possible. He believe that Jhanak is pressurised to marry Tejas otherwise there is no reason to accept his proposal. But police assures that Jhanak has accepted his proposal in front of the police force, there was nothing odd in her behaviour. The police asks Anirudha to come on 6:00 p.m. when Tejas will be going to marry Jhanak.

Episode ends.

Precap : Anirudhha will intervene in the marriage of Tejas and Jhanak. Tejas will threat Anirudhha that he will kill him if Jhanak will not marry Tejas.

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