Jhanak 6th June 2024 Written Update: Aniruddha’s confrontation to Jhanak

Jhanak 6th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the conversation between Tejas and Bharat. Bharat arrives in the marriage function of Tejas and congrats him.

Tanuja and Bipasha both realise how much they are happy to know about the marriage of Jhanak. Arshi confirms them all the media reporters have been covering this news and Anirudhha should get this. The all want to know the reaction of Anirudhha after hearing this shocking news. Meanwhile Shubho comes in the home and becomes totally shocked to hear this news. To her own statement, she shows the video to all.

Tanuja, Shubha and Vipasha enjoy the video and become confirmed that Jhanak is really going to marry Tejas. They also become relieved. The desperation of Jhanak to marry Tejas make them totally surprised and they think that Jhanak was prepared about her own plan beforehand but she didn’t tell anyone. They all together celebrate this news and distribute sweets among them.

Police officer also condemn the character of Jhanak who didn’t think about Anirudhha’s care. Meanwhile Anirudhha
meets to Rahul to discuss about the fact of present situation, he requests Rahul to do something to stop this marriage but Rahul doesn’t show any needed enthusiasm against Tejas. Anirudh says that he knows Rahul love Jhanak, so he should take some action at least. Rahul doesn’t want to be involved in this case because he fears of Tejas and his evil team. He clearly says that he won’t take any action against this man otherwise his career will be destroyed sooner or later.

Finally, Tejas and Jhanak come on the wedding stage. The priest asks him start the ceremony as soon as possible because auspicious time is passing by. Jhanak becomes aggressive birth she doesn’t have anything to do. Anirudhha also reaches there somehow, the whole scene makes him hurt. Jhanak is taken aback seeing Anirudhha on that spot. Bharat and Tejas both get ready to stop, but Aniruddha lashes Bharat out for indulging this injustice to Jhanak. He wants to talk with her personally but Tejas doesn’t allow this anymore.

Aniruddh starts a confrontation to Jhanak, she doesn’t want to answer his questions anymore. Tejas threats him if he ever try to break this marriage this time, he won’t return safely. But Anirudhha doesn’t become afraid hearing the threatening words of Tejas. He desperately wants to know the real fact behind this agreement but Jhanak doesn’t open her mouth and begs him to return.

Episode ends.

Precap : Janak will confess that Tejas forced her to marry him. Aniruddha will try to take her away but Tejas will target his gun against Anirudhha.

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