Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha rescues Jhanak from Tejas’s clutches

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the confrontation of Anirudhha towards Jhanak. He firmly wants to know whether Jhanak has been made in Tejas following her own. He feels extremely frustrated becaus Jhanak has made him upset accepting the marriage proposal of Tejas.

Reminding the threating words of Tejas, Jhanak hides the truth from Anirudhha and requests him to stay away from her. But Anirudhha doesn’t let go this matter so easily, Jhanak is again questioned whether she is marrying Tejas following nher own will. Tejas brings out his gun to threat Anirudhha, being chickened out by the prison situation Janak requests him to go away from there but folding the hands, Aniruddha begs her to tell the truth.

Jhanak prefers not to betray Anirudhha who has already saved the life for her many times. Being perplexed by the present situation, Jhanak breaks out the truth that Tejas has forced her to marry him, at first he abducted her from the railway station, then she was forced to marry him. Tejas becomes totally freaked by the present situation, and points out his gun towards the head of Aniruddha, and threats that he will kill Anirudhha if Jhanak will not marry him. Anirudhha tries to safeguard Jhanak from all the hazards. Jhanak also says that she won’t let harm Anirudhha by no means.

Jhanak tells out everything that Tejas forced her to come to accept his proposal otherwise he might kill Anirudhha. Jhanak also adjoins that she was befooled by his team who came disguising themselves as a team of police. Only because of his threatening words of Tejas, she agreed to his condition.

Anirudhha asks the media reporters to record the statement of Jhanak so that Tejas wouldn’t befool anyone. The police also assures that Tejas couldn’t marry her forcefully. Bharat tries to fix the matter and assure that Tejas has not forced Janak to marry him.

With the intervention of the police officer, Tejas tries to grab the hand of Jhanak. But Aniruddha and the sub inspector don’t let him do so. Aniruddha also assures that he will take care of this matter, if he will make Tejas viral and will file a case of defamation, Tejas will fail to stand in the election. Finally, defeating all the odds, Anirudhha takes away Jhanak with him.

Episode ends.

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