Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update: Aniruddha takes care of Jhanak

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with the romantic scene between Anirudhha and Jhanak. Sitting beside Jhanak when she sleeps in the bed, Anirudhha keeps staring at her without blinking his eyes. Subconsciously he thinks of his future life with Jhanak, he could live her life with Jhanak happily. But when he
becomes conscious about his own thoughts he feels embarrassed. Suddenly Jhanak wakes up. Anirudhha insists Jhanak to have her food since she has been suffering from my high fever. Jhanak experiences the humble and gentle attitude of Aniruddha which makes her amazed. She understands how lucky Arshi will be to get Anirudhha to get him into her life. Anirudhha starts feeding with her with his own hands. Jhanak feels cared and important whenever she stays with him.

Srishti comes in the Bose house inform the news of Aniruddha who has reached Kashmir to stop the marriage of Jhanak. Learning the news the parents of Ani, they become embarrassed and speechless. They both apologize to Arshi and her family for the misbehaviour of Ani. Shubho doesn’t want to break this marriage because of an outsider and requests Arshi to wait for few more day, he believes that if Anirudhha will marry her, everything will be shorted. Shrist suggests them to reach Kashmir as soon as possible.

Arshi wants to confront her fiance. Srishti has another plan to punish both Ani and Jhanak. She wants to prepone the marriage nof Anirudhha and will arrange a marriage ceremony in the same temple Jhanak and Anirudhha married each other. They don’t want to inform other members of the family so that they won’t able to inform Aniruddha beforehand. Shristi also confirms that if Anirudhha will cancel this marriage for this time, Arshi will also call off this marriage.

Chhoton overhears the conversation and comes to know about the conspiracies of Srishti. He hides himself so that no one knows about his plan. As soon as, they leave the house, Chhoton calls Anirudhha to inform him about their plan and asks Ani to take care of himself. Anirudhha also says he will arrange a engagement ceremony between Jhanak and Rahul.

Anirudhha takes care of Jhanak when she feels extremely weak and due to her exhaustion she falls asleep quickly. Ami sits beside her and helps her to sleep quietly.

On the next day, Anirudhha meets Rahul in a cafe, and asks him whether he loves Jhanak. Rahul confesses that he loves Jhanak from core of his heart. Anirudhha promises that he will arrange everything for their future life.

Episode ends.

Precap : Arshi will prepone the marriage of her and will invite Jhanak in her marriage.

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