Jhanak: Anirudh on the Verge of Murdering Tejas, plans to trick Tejas in his own Game

Jhanak: Anirudh reaches Kashmir, gets Heart Broken at Jhanak’s confession

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as  the show takes different twists and turns that are enough to keep the audience hooked to their Screens.

Jhanak gets Happy as she thinks that she is going to stay where her Mother’s memories were and she now has her Neighbours hence she will Move On.

Jhanak gets suspicious as they doesn’t stop and keeps on driving in the another route. She asks them to stop and asks why they are taking this route.

They asks her not to shout and tells her that they are taking her to the safe zone to which Jhanak denies and says she wants to stay with her Neighbours.

Jhanak Agrees to Marry Anirudh

Jhanak gets shocked seeing Tejas and tells him that she doesn’t want to stay there. He tells her that she can leave if she wants to.

Jhanak tells him that she wants to Leave to which he tells her that he Loves her and wants to Marry her at all costs. He tells that Anirudh must have come there already.

Tejas tells her that he will Kill Anirudh because now it is between him and Anirudh. He asks her to leave. She agree to Marry him.

Anirudh reaches Kashmir only to get Heart Broken at Jhanak’s confession.  However Anirudh is on the verge of Murdering Tejas. He decides to trick Tejas in his own Game.

What will happen Next?

What will Anirudh do?

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