Jhanak: Arshi prepones The Wedding, Invites Jhanak as the Special Guest

Jhanak: Anirudh Promises better Life for Rahul and Jhanak

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as  the show takes different twists and turns that are enough to keep the audience hooked to their Screens.

Anirudh and Jhanak has finally come out of the Evil clutches and they both talk about the trouble they just managed to Escape.

Anirudh meets the Officer who tells him that it is better to take Jhanak away from the City because Tejas will definitely try to Kidnap her Again.

The Police Officer tells him that right now Tejas is trying to get out and many of the Political Leaders are trying to get him out of this issue.

Anirudh meets Rahul  

Anirudh comes back and gets Happy seeing Jhanak all safe and sound. They both decide to stay in the Hotel while Jhanak gets scared to stay where Anirudh is.

Jhanak thinks that Arshi may somehow come there and may actually accuse her if trying to snatch Anirudh from her whole he denies to take any Risk.

Arshi and Shristi gets to know from Bharat that Anirudh has saved Jhanak and they get furious. They decide to get them Married.

Arshi prepones the Marriage and decides to invite Jhanak as the Special Guest while Anirudh arranges for Rahul and Jhanak’s Engagement.

What will happen Next?

What will Jhanak do?

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