Jhanak: Jhanak and Tejas Kumar to get Married? Anirudh comes for the Rescue

Jhanak: Jhanak gets Kidnapped, Anirudh Breaks at the thought of Approaching Harm

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as  the show takes different twists and turns that are enough to keep the audience hooked to their Screens.

Arshi comes to the Bhosle House to make arrangements for her Wedding with Aniruddha to which Anirudh brings juice for her.

Arshi sees the ring on his finger and grows suspicious. She asks him as to where did he get the ring from to which he tells her that he bought it.

Arshi asks him about the shop to which Anirudh thinks that they will try to snatch the last memory too and behaves rudely with Arshi.

Appu and Ajanta Misses Jhanak

Ajanta and Appy miss Jhanak alot. Appu denies to have his Food and feels a lot of Pain at the absence of Jhanak. Ajanta gets no care from Anyone.

Ajanta gets tired after workout in the Kitchen to which Anirudh asks Bipasha to help Ajanta to which she gets offended and feels Humiliated.

Arshi goes to the shop where she gets to know that Jhanak has gifted the ring to her and confronts Anirudh coming back.

Jhanak gets Kidnapped which Breaks Anirudh at the thought of Approaching Harm. Ajanta and Appu Elated. Tejas introduces Jhanak as his soon to be Wife which Jhanak too accepts while Anirudh comes for her Rescue.

What will happen Next?

How will Anirudh rescue Jhanak?

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