Jhanak: Jhanak lashes out at Anirudh for fixing her Engagement with Rohan

Jhanak: Arshi Invites Jhanak for her Wedding in the Temple

Star Plus’s popular show Jhanak is going to witness high voltage drama as  the show takes different twists and turns that are enough to keep the audience hooked to their Screens.

Anirudh takes care of Jhanak as she is in deep sleep and she has a high fever. Anirudh thinks about his Life with Jhanak and how Happy he would be.

Anirudh gets Embarassed with his own thoughts and sits up. Jhanak too wakes up from her sleep while Anirudh calms her down.

Anirudh tells her that she has high fever to which Jhanak asks him as to why he is taking care of her. She gets Happy with the way he is looking after her.

Shristi Plans Punishment

Shristi and Arshi goes to Anirudh’s House where they talk about Anirudh supporting and Saving Jhanak to which they feel Embarassed.

Shrishti wants to punish and Jhanak hence she decides to get Anirudh Married to Jhanak while Arshi is too Angry and she too wants to make Jhanak suffer.

Chotton calls Anirudh and tells him about their Plan while Anirudh meets Rohan and decides to get him and Jhanak Married.

Arshi Invites Jhanak for her Wedding in The Temple. While Jhanak gets furious at Anirudh and lashes out at him for fixing her Engagement with Rohan without her consent.

What will happen Next?

What will Jhanak do?

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