Jhanak: Tejas to marry Jhanak forcefully?

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Star Plus TV show Jhanak will be going to showcase a big plot twist in the recent days. Jhanak will find her mother Urvashi dead, she will break down in tears, no one does know how did she die. Later, Tejas will kidnap Jhanak as she was not agreed to marry him. Anirudh will be asked to help her out by Rahul and he will reach the palace of Tejas.

In the current episode, Jhanak is brought in the palace of Tejas. She gets confirmed that she is kidnapped by Tejas. Tejas comes to her and asks her to get ready for the marriage. He will marry Jhanak tonight. As Jhanak asks the Mobile phone from a girl, she forbids her to escape from the palace, otherwise she will be brutally killed by the gangs of Tejas. Though, Jhanak gets ready, but she couldn’t accept reality.
Anirudh comes to know that Jhanak is forcefully married by Tejas. Anirudh and Rahul plan to rescue Jhanak. Arshi is lies by Anirudh that he wouldn’t get involved into the matter of Jhanak.

In the next episode, Anirudh will assume that he will be in danger if they directly enter in the palace of Tejas. Suddenly in the midst of the road, he will notice Jhanak running towards the village.Though, Anirudh will save the life of Jhanak but he will asked to marry her by the villagers otherwise she will be brutally killed by Tejas.

How Jhanak will fight with Tejas?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes, so, yess, keep watching Keh Doon Tumhe for more interesting updates!

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