Jhanvi to ask Ishani to leave the house immediately

Star Plus Popular show “ Ek Bhram – Sarvagunn Sampanna” is filled with all kinds of thrilling and suspense factor. The past episodes of the show revealed that Jhanvi and her sister Ishani are together and they wanted to destroy the lives of the Mittal family members due to an old rivalry which ended in a most tragic way. It was been shown that Jhanvi in spite of being the most lovable person of the house by all wants to destroy them completely from mind.

In the upcoming episodes of the show viewers will get to see Jhanvi’s father in low PK was threatened to be murdered with a bullet on head. Though PK didn’t reacted much about the threat but he did ask his friend in police department to investigate about it. In tonight episode Jhanvi will reveal the reason behind her endless hatred against Mittal family and also on the other hand Jhanvi’s another plan is all set to roll in the show. PK will get a hint about who gave the order to make the sculpture of him with a bullet on head. The revelation of the person’s sketch will left PK shocked and annoying.

Well with Jhanvi wrapping all the members of the family in her web of conspiracy it will be interesting see her next move being unfold.

Will Kabir or any other family member can ever came to know about it?