Jhanvi to frame PK in Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna!

Star Plus show Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna is gearing up for high voltage drama.

Jhanvi is all set to take her father’s revenge from the Mittal’s. Kavya gets to know about Jhanvi being Pooja Sharma but Jhanvi already fills PK’s mind against Kavya. Jhanvi tells PK that Kavya is Pooja Sharma, Dr. Ashok’s daughter.

PK points gun at Kavya. Dhruv and Jay snatches the gun from PK. Jhanvi plays her card and addresses Kavya as Pooja. She asks her to leave the house before the situation worsens. Jhanvi calls amma and tells her to bring the papers and she has executed her plan well.

Kabir gets to know about the whole incident. PK asks him to leave the house with kavya as she is Pooja Sharma who married him to avenge them. Kabir gets to know that Kavya and Aarush left the home. Otherside, Jhanvi takes the papers from amma and smiles evil.

Kabir meets Kavya and asks her to return home. Kavya tells Kabir about Jhanvi’s real identity. Kabir doesn’t believe kavya.

Now in the upcoming event will see Jhanvi will make PK to sign some paper.

Jhanvi will trick PK into signing some legal documents. Later, Kabir will learn a shocking fact about Suhasini and will demand that she confess the truth. Kabir will meet Amma and will ask her who ordered her to call Kavya as Pooja Sharma.

How Kabir will react learning Jhanvi’s truth? And what he will do next to save his family, will be interesting to watch.

Serial Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna will soon see a major development in the story. Jhanvi will get successful in taking her revenge. And later the track will revolve around Kabir and Jhanvi.

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