Jingle Bells! Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 actors get nostalgic on Christmas

The cast of Ravindra Gautam’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 share their Christmas memories with us.

Additi Gupta: I don’t have any Christmas memories as such but Christmas has always been that time of the year when you party hard. I think December, especially this whole week is like party time. You end up going everywhere and meeting so many people. So, I think this has been my memory of Christmas. I love wearing red, white and green on that day and come like a Santa and roam around. I think that’s the cutest thing that I do.

Sonia Singh:  When I was a kid, we used to not celebrate Christmas but after my marriage, as my in-lawsare Christians, so Christmas is celebrated in a very good way. They bake cakes, make yummy dishes, cookies, decorate a Christmas tree and go to church.

Ahwaan Kumar: I belong to a small city in Rajasthan, which is near Punjab. There they follow typical Rajhastani and Punjabi culture. So, people never used to follow Christmas there. We used to see Santa Claus on TV and get happy. But one memory of Christmas is that there was only one church in our hometown. My younger sister was crazy about Christmas, so we used to go to that church and pray and light candles and then I used to give her chocolates and gifts.

Satya Tiwari:  I remember celebrating Christmas in school. As I was in a boarding school, we used to celebrate Christmas there in such a fun way. After that, we would go back home for the holidays and celebrate New Year with our families.

Kenisha Bhardwaj: On Christmas, I used to participate in school activities like dancing and making pictures of Santa Claus. My parents used to give me many gifts and chocolates and they used to tell me that Santa has asked them to give it to me. I used to always ask them that why does Santa never meet me, so they used to make excuses and tell me that he is busy buying gifts for me for next year.