Jubliee Talkies New Promo You can’t afford to miss.

The upcoming show, Jubliee Talkies, is gearing up to take you on an emotional ride. Shivangi wants to save her father’s cinema hall. In the new promo, Shivangi dreams to save ‘Sangam Cinema’. She knows only Ayaan Grover’s film can get her housefull ticket. Ayaan Grover accidentally helps Shivangi. But there will be a roller coaster ride before Ayaan and Shivangi meet each other.

The show looks promising and is a breath of fresh air. Featuring Khushi Dubey and Abhishek Bajaj, Jubliee Talkies promises to engage the audience with its heartfelt storyline and dramatic twist, along with romance.

The main plot of the show will revolve around Shivangi’s difficult lifestyle. She will get a notice to sell her cinema hall after her father’s demise. Shivangi finds a way to save her cinema hall. She will seek Ayaan Grover’s help to re-establish her business.

The story of women’s struggles is always inspiring. Shivangi seems to be a strong girl with high dreams. Viewers will surely connect with Shivangi’s journey.

Jubliee Talkies New Promo You can’t afford to miss.

Sony Entertainment knows how to gain an audience. Most of the shows on the channel are based on strong women. Kavya-Ek Jazba-Ek Junoon is the perfect example. The show hits good ratings. Sumbul Touqeer is playing the title role. She is setting a major goal for the girls out there.

Upcoming character Shivangi seems to have the potential to face the hardships of life. Her journey will be engaging to watch. Check out the promo here:

Jublie Talkies is a must watch show. We will provide more reasons to watch the show.

The viewers are already excited for the show:

Woahh!! What a promo! 😍❤️ This is looking sooo interesting and has a different vibe 🔥🔥 can’t wait to see you Khushi mam😍😍 @khushidubey lots of love and good wishes to you ❤️❤️ you’re gonna rock!! ♥️🧿

Super se bhi bohooot bohoooot upaaaaaar wala Excited ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Meri Jaan @khushidubey ko dekhne ke liye….

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