Jyothi 11th July Written Update: Jyothi accepts Anirudh’s love

Jyothi 11th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jyothi is searching for Rangan outside but goons surrounds her from all sides. Goons tries to stab her with knife but Anirudh comes inbetween them his hand got hurt. He fights with the goons and saves her. Jyothi tears her sarie and ties it around her wounds. Anirudh questions her who are they why are they trying to hurt her? She informs to him that she has no idea about it then already tried to kidnap her.

Anirudh alerts her that they are not here to kidnap here instead kill her. He asks her to be careful. Anirudh questions her what’s her answer to his love proposal? He tells her that she is the one whom saving him from all danger today he came to save her from danger it’s clearly saying they are meant to be together. He asks her to accept his love. She thinks she too like him but she is a servant in his house. Her circumstances don’t allow her to live with him. Anirudh says that he is taking it as rejection. He asks her to see his dead body in river. She stops him by mentioning I Love you. He thank her and hugs her. He asks her to say her name. He says that he wishes to love her without knowing her name but he wanna mention it. She lies to him her name as Vaanathi. He smiles happily hearing it. He asks her to go with him he will drop her in house. She deny it. He asks her to meet him day after tomorrow near river reasoning his birthday and leaves. Leelavathi takes Indrasena’s mom to her room secretly. Her daughter comes there to sleep with her but she sends her away. Indrasena lies to her she wanna do pooja alone so she sends her out.

Mithran checks what’s the ghost doing with the Rangan. Ranghan asks the lady to search for her mother unaware she is ghost. He misunderstands her as prostitute. He lashes out at her. He tries to escape from there but Ghost close the door and enquires him about Jyothi? He is not ready to reveal the truth to her. He tells her that he may die but won’t reveal the truth about Jyothi to her. She questions him Is death easy to him? She starts scaring him with her magics. Ghost locks Ranghan inside the balloon. He asks her to release him from the balloon. She tells her that he can only breath the air in it. After few minutes he will die inside it. If he say the truth this balloon will blast. She questions him Who is Jyothi’s parents? Indrasena’s mom doing the Pooja she thinks the time started. She creates the smoke and asks her to bring Jyothi here. She gets shock to see the spell standing there like statue and tells her Jyothi is not there. Jyothi reaches back to home and prays to god to save her dad. She asks him to bring back her father tomorrow. Smoke spell moves from there after Jyothi entered there. She calls Jyothi to follow her. Jyothi wakes up and follows the direction. Snake nuptial chain shakes alone. Indrasena takes Jyothi outside but snake nuptial chain shows it magic. Jyothi stops in her way and comes back to conscious. She doubts how comes she went out doesn’t she slept in home? Indrasena doubts what happened to her? She calls her daughter. Indrasena complaints that she lost the chance. Leelavathi comes there and questions her what’s she doing here? She lies to her that time went she can’t able to do pooja now. She asks her to wait one more day.

Jyothi complaints to her mom that Ranghan is missing from yesterday. She saya to her its not a big thing he would have drunk and fell down somewhere. She complaints to Kutty that Ranghan is missing but mom is not reacting to anything. Mithun comes there and thinks how come Jyothi escaped from goons. Kutty asks Jyothi to share this to Mithran he will find out where is he? Kutty takes Jyothi near Mithran room. Kutty enters into the room and finds his uncle towel there.

Mithran questions her why is she standing here? She informs to him that Ranghan is missing from yesterday. He didn’t give response to her. He insults Ranghan and leaves. Kutty thinks something is wrong here. He is hiding something. Ghost torturing Ranghan who is Jyothi’s parents name. He agrees to say it. He reminds Sivagami’s promise and back off from his decision. Ghost starts torturing him again. Mithun questions his henchman what happened to them? Why did they missed Jyothi? Goons informs to him that Anirudh saved her. Mithun thinks that he is loving a girl who is not belongs to their status. He wishes to kill them soon. Jyothi dries her cloth. Anirudh is thinking about Jyothi while holding the sarie cloth. Jyothi is keep noticing him from far. She fears that he will see her sarie.

Indrasena’s mom doing pooja in home. Leelavathi stares her in suspicious. She makes her faint. She assures to her daughter that she already started the Pooja. She will definitely bring her near her. Indrasena asks her to win in it at any cost. She sends one cat to attack her. She needs her blood to release Indrasena from her curse.

Episode end.