Jyothi 13th June Written Update: Anirudh saves Jyothi

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The episode starts with Padmavathy family is waiting outside to welcome Anirudh. Everyone feels happy to see Anirudh return to home after long years. Rajashekhar asks him to get blessings from Padmavathy. She shares her happiness with him. Mithran asks his son to out garland to him. Jyothi’s brother asks her to welcome him but she deny it reasoning they dislikes it.

Manasa and Naveena welcomes him with bouquet. Anirudh asks them to stop treating him like celebrity. They says he changed a lot after went to foreign. Anurudh takes blessings from Mithran. He asks him to get rest. Bhaii comes there on correct time and stops Anirudh. He asks everyone to stop go inside the house. Mithran questions Bhaii why is he stopping Anirudh like bad omen. Anirudh questions Padmavathy who is he? She informs to him that he is Bhai very helpful person to their family.

Mithran says he saved everyone on that day or else everyone would have died on that day. His mantras didn’t saved anyone here he is always blocking his magic here. Bhai tells him he is not here to argue who has more power. He is here because he saw something strange in this morning. Bhaii alerts them that Anirudh life is in danger. Vaasu thinks that he is saying correctly. Bhaii alerts all that death is waiting for Anirudh in his room. Mithran shares to his son he find out the secret like always. He asks his son to take out the poison soon. Mithran complaints that he is playing tricks here and cheating all. He is not a big person then him. Bhai tells him that he is not doing this for money but in the concern of the family. Mithran asks him to prove their is something wrong in Anirudh room. He takes him inside the house. Bhai closes his eyes and finds out the Mithran’s trick. Bhai alerts all that no one should stand near the door and opens the door. Too many snakes comes out of the room scaring everyone.

Jyothi reaches to there and stands on the chair seeing the snake there. Everyone takes breath in relief after seeing the snake left from there. Naveena lashes out at Jyothi for coming there when Anirudh is there. Bhai says to all this is why he stopped Anirudh from entering inside the room. Mithran pretends like apologiesto Bhai for misunderstand him. Bhai asks Anirudh to don’t stay inside the palace till his birthday come. He asks him to stay outside. Rangan asks him to stay in out house. Manasa dislikes it. Rajasekhar agrees with Rangan’s idea. Rangan assures to him that he will arrange everything in that house for him.

Padmavathy doubts whom done this all? Mithran blames Thandavan is the reason. Bhai alerts Padmavathy that so many enemies are around them because of their money. He can only say this so be careful and leaves from there. Jyothi notices Bhai and follows him. Mithran and his son are watching her. Mithran says that Jyothi has no idea about her identity. She turned to a snake on that day and scared to see snake today. We wanna watch her carefully. Jyothi thank him for saving everyone and Anirudh. Bhai narrates to her what actually happened there. He accepts that he brings those snake there to prove Anirudh’s life is at sake. He alerts her that Anirudh is still in danger. Bhai asks Jyothi to give this kajal to Anirudh. He might applies it before going to bed only Jyothi can able to save him. Jyothi thinks how come she can able to save him? Its god’s decision.

The person whom followed Jyoti in flower market spying in palace to see Jyothi. Ants starts bite him. His uncle asks Sarasu to help him.
He gives money to Sarasu and asks her to give water to him. He enquires about the girl whom went to flower market? Sarasu informs to him that her daughter whom went to Flower market. He shares to her that he liked her daughter a lot. Sarasu says to him let’s fix the alliance soon. Jyothi’s brother praises Manasa. Manasa asks him to talk to his age. He informs to her that she will be the owner of this house soon. Manasa appreciates him for guessing it well. Jyothi tells her that grandma asks her to give this ghee to Anirudh. She asked Jyothi to don’t meet Anirudh. Manasa appreciate her and collects the ghee from her and goes to Anirudh’s room. Jyothi’s brother teases her. Manasa hears Naveena and Anirudh conversation there.

Anirudh questions Naveena why is he keep talking. Manasa hears their conversation and gets irritates to see Naveena talking with Anirudh. Manasa brings ghee to Anirudh informing Grandma gave it to him. She lies to her that grandma called her. She leaves from there. Anirudh complaints that she lied to her. Manasa questions Anirudh Is she likes anyone in foreign? He says to her that he has many friends there but only one girl impressed him. He only saw her eyes there. She was the one saved him in lift.

He is searching for that eyes again. If he finds out those eyes again he will inform it to her. Manasa asks him to look at her eyes and say doesn’t her eyes looks same like her. Anirudh deny it and says she looks different. He teases Manasa and Naveena. Anirudh sends her out somehow. He goes out in cycle. Mithran’s son informs to him whatever happened. Mithran doubts whom send the snake here? Vaasu says Bhaii showed the magic show to made them believe he said the truth. Mithran praises him for caught the plan. Mithran says that he is going to use Bhai warning against Anirudh and kill him out. Anirudh is pedaling the cycle. One boy hits him and leaves. Indrasena’s mom spell magic on bike he comes back and hits Jyothi. She falls down she pretends like faint seeing Anirudh. Anirudh feels her face is familiar to him. He notices her wound and band aid her hand. Indrasena mom wishes to kidnap her before Anirudh coming back. Jyothi opens her eyes and finds her. Indrasena mom makes her unconscious.

Episode end.