Jyothi 5th June Written Update: Thandavan curses Padmavathy’s family.

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The episode starts with Jyothi stops in her way with some forces. Indrasena alerts Thandav that Jyothi stopped following him. Thandav informs to her that he has no idea why is she stopped? Indrasena asks him to bring Jyoti soon then only his wish will be fulfilled and she will be out of her curse. He tries to control Jyothi’s mind but some unknown power stops him. He doubts Is some power there more powerful than him. Thandav calls Jyothi to follow him. Jyothi questions him who is he? How did she came here? He informs to her that he was hungry she asked him to take food. She asks him to follow her. Thandav thinks that Jyothi is not a easy target she has some power with her she is not a ordinary person. He needs immortal life at any cost. He doubts whether Jyothi is innocent or pretending to be innocent. Jyothi takes him to Rathinamalikai.

Jyothi asks Thandav to eat there but Manasa brings Vaasu there and shows Thandav to him. Vaasu stops Thandav from eating the food and insults him as beggar. Thandav gets angry and shouts on him Is he look like beggar to him? Padmavathy and family reaches there. Thandav plucks his hair and curses everyone in that family will die before sun rise. He throws the hair down it’s starts burn in fire. Everyone gets scared to see it. He walks out of the house and stares the coconut tree its starts burning in fire. Indrasena mom notices the climate change and feels its as bad omen. She enquires to Indrasena what’s going on? She informs to her mom that they lossed in their task. Thandav fails to bring Jyothi here.

Everyone are scared about this incident. Jyoti brings coffee there Manasa slaps her reasoning she brought him there. Rangan asks them to stop insulting her.
Leelavathi wishes to kill Rajashekhar using this chance and put the blame on Thandav. Jyothi’s leg hits the pot and it’s broken.
Mithun questions Jyothi what’s she doing here? She informs to him pot broken down she wanna clean it. She sends her from there. Mithun wishes to watch Jyothi. Leelavathi asks him to ignore her and concentrate on Chandrasekhar.

Chandrasekhar informs to Padmavathy they are gonna meet Akkim Bhai for their safety. Padmavathy informs to them that Akkim Bhai is very powerful person. She asks Jyothi to accompany them. Vasumathi and Chandrasekhar meets Akkim bhai. Jyothi narrates all incidents to him. Chandrasekhar informs to him that all are scared of this incident. He asks Bhai to help them, Vasumathi questions him what’s he thinking? Bhai informs to them that he used to help all but he stopped it now. Vasumathi says that no one is there to help them now. He agrees to help them reasoning Narasimha helped him a lot. Vasumathi, Chandrasekhar and Jyothi sits in front of him. Bhi asks them to close their eyes till he ask. They closed their eyes Bhai checks them with spell. Holy water stops near Jyothi. Bhai asks Jyothi to splashes it around the Rathinamalikai

Padmavathi says that Bhai won’t say anything without any intentions. Padmavathy asks Jyothi to splashes the holy water around the Rathnamalikai. Grandpa is doing prayer along with Vaasu. Lamp starts to blows in breeze. Grandpa complaints that something is going against him in this house. He moves out to check it. He finds something is protecting the house. He notices Jyothi is splashing holy water around the Rathnamalikai and shouts to stop her. Grandpa pushes it down. He about to slap her but Padmavathy stops him and reveals the truth to him. Grandpa complaints that they are not trusting him. He asks them to believe him nothing will happen to them. Bhai thinks it’s wrong to stop Jyothi.

Jyothi’s brother consoles Jyothi. She informs to him that she wishes to solve this problem with her hand but it ended up like this. Jyothi goes to temple to worship. She starts prays there suddenly breeze signals her something. She feels like someone calling her. She removes the red clothes from the tree and finds out the sculpture of snake and a woman in a tree. Jyothi thinks that she is feeling happy and peace near the tree. She shares to it that she is feeling immense pleasure here. She feels like connected to it. Mithun is talking with the goons he notices Jyothi there and questions her. Mithun asks goons to kill Jyothi before Chandrasekhar reasoning she is saying him. Goons are following Jyothi there.

Goons beat back on Jyothi’s head. Thandav is praying to god and doing black magic against Padmavathi family. He curses them that everyone will die in that family before sun rise. Manasa and her sister complaints to Padmavathy that they are scared to sleep in their room thinking about Thandav curse. Padmavathy consoles them
Manasa scolds Rangan for knocking door hardly. He informs to them he is scared of Thandav. Goons are discussing with each other how to dispose Jyothi near by her house? Jyothi gets conscious and tries to escape from there goons notices her and starts chasing Jyoti. She questions them why did they kidnapped her?

Mithun questions goons what’s going on? Goons informs to him that Jyothi trying to escape. Mithun asks them to finish her. Bhai reaches to Rathnamalikai and tries to finishes the line which didn’t finish by Jyothi. Thandav’s black magic spell trying to attack all. Bhai tries his best to stop it but it attacked him. Grandpa alerts everyone in that family and asks them to be safe inside their room. Finally the ghost enters inside the house. Another side Anirudh is going in lift. Spirit starts attack him in the lift. He faints down in shock. Jyothi also slips down.

Episode end.