Jyothi 6th June Written Update: Jyothi saves Padmavathi family

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The episode starts with goons are chasing Jyothi. Anirudh faints down after seeing ghost face in his mobile. Jyothi falls into a grave and faints down. Goons starts searching for her. Mean Time ghost are wandering inside the Rathnamalikai. Jyothi’s blood drops down into mud. It’s reaches near the snake diamond. Jyothi gets a power and opens her eyes. She turns to be a giant snake. Goons runs from there seeing it. Ghost is wandering into the house all are scared to hear it’s sound there. Jyothi turns to be a itchathari Nagin( half human and snake form) Padmavathy prays to god to save them from this ghost. She offers something in return. Jyothi comes inside and throws out the ghost from there. She starts fights with it. Grandpa is watching them from far. He doubts what’s going on here? His magic or Bhai magic didn’t work out here but one snake rescuing them. He closes his eyes and finds out Jyothi is saving all. He doubts how comes Jyothi is doing it? Jyothi burns the ghost. Vaasu escapes from the net. Padmavathy consoles her grand daughters. Everyone takes brearh in relief. Jyothi helps Anirudh to get back his conscious. He sees only her eyes. Jyothi disappear from there leaving behind him. He doubts who is it?

Jyothi’s wound disappeared. Thandav shouts in anger when his ghost destroyed. Indrasena starts laugh. Thandav asks her to stop laughing in teasing way doesn’t he got wound while trying to release from her curse? His failure is not only his but also her too. Indrasena says that its a victory for her. Thandav questions her Is her brain confused after she turned to statue also? Indrasena informs to him that he misunderstood her. Her mom got wounded when she went to bring the snake nuptial chain but on that day she found out who is real heir of Adhisation on that day! When Thandav went to bring that he or he ended up in failure. It’s mean one supernatural power is there which is more powerful than Thandav is there to protect her.

May be this incident is failure to him but its victory to her because still Nag Manickam is there. Getting Nag manickam is her aim. It’s protected somewhere safely. He assures to her he will bring it. Indrasena says it’s equal to 1000 Adhisation. Indrasena questions him he can’t able to touch the Adhisation heir then how will he touch the Nag Manickam. Indrasena asks him go leave from there. Thandav questions her how will he leave. Indrasena says he didn’t done his job well then how will she keep her promise. Thandav challenges her and leaves. Indrasena complaints that there is no betrayed in her world.

Bhai is praying to god. He thank god for saving him through Jyothi. Grandpa shares to his family that he is happy to see everyone alive. He saved everyone without shedding single drop of blood. Vaasu thinks that he didn’t even save his own son but here pretending like nice to all. Padmavathi shares her fear to him. Grandpa takes all the credits to him. He alerts all that Thandav is not easy target he won’t sit quietly because his plan flopped. They want to be careful from hereafter. Grandpa asks Padmavathy to give all house in charge and responsibility to him then only he can able to save them. Chandrasekhar hand over the key to Grandpa. He advises to them that he saved all so it might be in his hand.

Jyothi enters inside the house lost in her thoughts. Mithun informs to Leelavathi that he never expected Chandrasekhar to give the key to him. Manasa questions them doesn’t Grandpa saved them from that danger? Leelavathi tells them clearly Grandpa is not that much great magician to save them all. Something big happened yesterday but she is damn sure Grandpa didn’t saved them. Leelavathi questions Mithun didn’t she asked to send goons to kill Chandrasekhar? He informs to her he send them but forgot to contact them. Mithun stops Jyothi and enquires her where did she went yesterday? Jyothi narrates everything to Mithun. Mithun questions her doesn’t she said they beaten her till faint then why can’t he see single wound on her? She informs to him that she has no idea what’s going on here? She starts crying there. Jyothi leaves from there. Mithun thinks that goons spoiled everything. Grandma stares her. Vaasu says that Is he really saw Snake in Jyothi? She is saying that she don’t remember anything. Grandpa says it’s good she forget that.

Anirudh calls Manasa and talks with her. He asks him to call Padmavathy there. Padmavathy questions Anirudh what happened why is he worrying? Anirudh apologies to her for disobeying her. He narrates whatever happened to him yesterday? He informs to Padmavathy that he would have died if she didn’t save him? She closes her face so he can’t able to see her face well. He checked everywhere for her but she is not there. Even she is not recorded it CCCTV footage also.Padmavathy says that their god saved him in that girl form. Yesterday some good energy saved them too. Padmavathy asks him to come back. Anirudh says that he is searching for a job here. Vasumathi complaints that she can’t able to sit there thinking about his safety. Anirudh agrees to return to Rathinamalikai.

Two people’s comes to market to buy flowers. They are searching for a flower seller in market to buy flower. Flower seller asks them to stand aside reasoning he will only sell the flowers after the person buy flower for Rathinamalika. They used do buy flowers for Friday Pooja. Jyothi comes there that person admires her and wishes to marry her. Jyothi collects the flowers and leaves from there.

Video grapher are discussing about the Rathnamalikai and compares it with Jagan mohini house. They wishes to return the money reasoning they don’t have the film. His assistant informs to him nothing to worry he saved the memory card. He praises his assistant. They are admiring Jyothi. Manasa calls Jyothi there and enquires her where did she went? She informs to her that she went to market. Manasa insults her for taking car and looks down on her.

Manasa insults Jyothi there. If she wanna become rich then correct some rich guy showing her beauty. Rangan asks Manasa to stop insulting her. Padmavathy asked her to take the car. Manasa complaints that if she asked her also she shouldn’t go in car. Rangan asks them to treat them as a long distance relation. Manasa deny it and mentions them as servant. Jyothi’s brother consoles her. Rangan comes there and consoles her to

Chandrasekhar questions Video grapher What they want to share with him? They informs to him that there is ghost and snake in this house. He plays the video and I forms that they only took video of ladies so he slapped them. Video grapher doubts where did that snake went? Jyothi stops them and calls them to drink tea. They notices her and runs from there in fear.

Episode end..