K Drama Alchemy Of Souls Episode 10 Written Update: Bu Yeon and Jang Uk together save the world.

The episode starts with Jang Uk reuniting with Nak Su and they spend some romantic times together. They collect chestnut together to cook it with rice and later visits Master Lee. They ask for his decision regarding what should they do and Master Lee asks them to get married. He himself performs their marital rituals and they get married recalling all their moments together. He got them married as Jang Uk and Nak Su preferred to get married with her birth name Cho Yeon. They both fulfill their promise standing at the top od the tall tree. Lady Jin says Cho Yeon that Jang Uk is with Bu Yeon right now. She recalls her conversation with Master Lee who told that Jin Seol Ran would have locked herself with the ice stone for a reason. She visits the fire bird egg and sighs that Jin Mu is dead. At the same time, Jin Mu comes out of Gwidu. Master Lee decides for Jang Uk and Cho Yeon’s stay at his place. They both share a romantic moment . Jang Uk gets summoned by real Bu Yeon using the Yin Yang jade who shows him the world after the awakening of the fire bird. She says that he must be the one who needs to disappear and says that she has been saving Naksu’s energy all the while as she already saw the future. She also says that after using her Naksu would disappear completely leaving the body. Nak Su also learnt that Jang Uk met with Bu Yeon. Jang Uk says that he witnessed something inevitable.

King and the other Unanimous Assembly members were discussing about how to gather the Asssembly again without including Songrim. Jin Mu has less energy and he draw energy from a eunuch. He sys that they don’t have time and must immediately attack Jinyowon to get the fire bird’s egg. Go Won gets to know from his eunuch about a soul shifter in the palace and king siding him. Jin Mu himself comes there and Go Won is shocked with his father’s real face. He gets the Gold Plaque from Go Won and rips off his rights to the throne. Jin Mu says t’s for backstabbing him and locks him in his chamber. Kim visited Lady Jin to asks about Jang Uk and Bu Yeon but Cho Yeon asks her to leave as her mother is weak after saving Seo Yul. Just then Lady Jin gets informed about Unanimous Assembly coming there and goes there. She scolds them for trying to enter without her permission and asks them to leave but Jin Mu hurts her asking her to open the doors of Jinyowon. Kim sees it all and immediately sends servant to call Songrim people. Cho Yeon is threatened with Lady Jin’s life and she opens the doors of Jinyowon. Jin Mu goes in a nd gets the egg and Jinyowon starts collapsing. Lady Jin fears for the dangerous relics to escape which could harm people and tries controlling it using her power. She sends Cho Yeon to get help from Songrim.

Lady Jin asks Kim’s help to get her inside Jinyowon for her to stops relics. Cho Yeon meets Park Jin and Dang Gu who’s already on their way and explains what happened. Park Jin sends Dang Gu and Cho Yeon to stop the mages taking away the egg while he leaves to Jinyowon. Lady Jin’s power is not sufficient to stop the relics and the relics keep escaping. Park Jin comes there and Kim asks him to seal the door for stopping the relics from escaping more. He denies it but she convinces and he seals the door with a heavy heart and breaks down. Lady Jin and Kim gets locked in Jinyowon. Jin Mu comes there and asks Park Jin to side him so that he could bring back Kim alive. He goes with him and finds the mages along with the King. He confronts them for their greed and calls out the King too. They all justify their action saying that they have equal rights on the ice stone which only Jang Uk holds. Jin Mu fights with the mages in order to protect the egg but Jin Mu stabs him to death. The place starts burning due to the fire bird’s energy a nd everyone leaves letting Park Jin to die.

Jang Uk comes back to find everyone mourning the death of Park Jin, Kim and Lady Jin. They say that they couldn’t get their corpses as Kim and Lady Jin were trapped in Jinyowon and even Cho Yeon couldn’t open the doors while Park Jin was caught in fire and only his sword is retrieved. O Won comes there who escaped the Palace using the fire and says what happened too. Jang Uk reveals that none of them are dead as Bu Yeon had made another way to enter Jinyowon from the Danhangok and already saved Lady Jin and Kim while Master Lee who went to save the egg found Park Jin and he’s saved too. Everyone is relieved but were scared that the fire bird would be awaken. Master Lee is treating the three in his place. Seo Yul asks Jang Uk in private that if Bu Yeon is the one who saved them then doe sit mean Nak Su’s soul left. Jang Uk confirms it and recalls Nak Su leaving Bu Yeon’s body confessing love to him. King and Jin mu discuss abut performing the Lake rites as King wants the ice stone to soul shift to a stronger body unlike the current weak one. Jin Mu asks him to send his army Cheonbugwan to stop Songrim people from interrupting their ritual and he agrees.

Jang Uk gives his golden plaque to Go Won asking him to stop the army using it. Go Won says he already stole his King’s Star and now the golden Plaque and asks if he doesn’t want to be the most powerful. Jang Uk says that he already did what the wanted the most. The unanimous Assembly worry that Jang Uk would interrupt them but Jin Mu asks them not to think so. Jang Uk says his people that the awakening of the fire bird is inevitable but it’s better if everything was still under their control. They plan to get rid of the fire bird when it’s filled with energy. King waits for the leaders of the army he sent to report him when Go Won come there saying that he stopped the army showing him the Gold Plaque. He also dethroned the King using the King’s Star gold plaque. Dang Gu is fighting in Cheonbugwan while Seo Yul guides Bu Yeon on her way to Jinyowon, Cho Yeon is collecting all the relics from Lake GyeonChaenDaeho and destroying it. Jin Mu learns about Songrim approaching them and decides to prepone the ritual. One of the mages gets scared and is about to leave when Jin Mu leaves. He asks the other mages to perform the rites to awaken the fire bird. Jang Uk comes there and himself awakens the fire bird and also trapping the mages and Jin Mu with it. The fire bird burns all of them into ashes while Jin Mu understands that he was defeated and dies.

Dang Gu takes the fire bird egg to Bu Yeon while Jang Uk leaves to the lake. Everyone witness the fire bird flying to the lake and were astounded. Bu Yeon summons the King’s Star using the egg which helps Jang Uk gain energy. He fights the fire bird and makes it disappear thus saving the world. Bu Yeon faints immediately and her soul awakes NAk Su’s soul asking her to take over the body a nd her soul leaves the world. One year later, Park Jin and Kim were taking care of Dang Gu and Cho Yeon’s twin sons when Kim who’s now married is expecting her own child. Lady Jin wants Cho Yeon to give birth to twin girls next time but Dang Gu says that Bu Yeon and Jang Uk were already planning for it. Seo yul is recruiting mages with interviews only based on their talent and Sun Yi and So Yi’s assistant were the first to be chosen as Bu Yeon suggested them seeing their energy. Heo learns that Bu Yeon is also looking for a prospective bride for the King and wonders if Lady Heo will be a right match. However he learns that she’s already seeing someone. People gossip that King is eunuch given his marital status. King is offended by it and asks Master Lee about Jang Uk and Bu Yeon. He says that they are still catching the relics that escaped and already 12 were caught. Master Lee is teaching the students about the relics while Jang Uk and Nak Su were living on the top of the tree and catching relics.