K- Drama Alchemy Of Souls Episode 14 Recap: Jang Uk and Mu Doek’s first kiss

Jang UK manges to catch the goldfish using chisu power. Cha Beom wants to find Uk’s opponent and plan to defeat him. Won driven by jealousy that Mu Deok bets on her life for Jang Uk throws the jade into the pond. Won decides to get Seo Yul ti fight Jang Uk with Mu Doek’s on the line.

Seo Yul and Jang Uk get into a square off with both mastering Chisu. They had a strong fight where both competed equally giving a tough fight to each other. After a point, Seo Yul managed to knock down Jang Uk and its declared that Mu Deok will now serve Seo Yul over Jang Uk. However she can also meet Jang Uk anytime even if she serves Seo Yul. Seo Yul also took a promise from her to get her help when he leaves for Seo Ho fortress.

Jang Uk breaks it to Park Jin that his love rival is none other than Master Lee. Park Jin is insecure about the man who was around Kim and gets shocked knowing that Jang Uk also cheers for Kim’s happy life with someone deserving. He got insecure of Master Lee and Kim’s growing closeness. Jang Uk and Dang Gu came to check on Mu Deok worried that she would not be getting along with her new master. How everything their prediction go in drain witnessing their comfort level and Jang Uk felt bad. Mu Deok on the other hand is still searching through the pond for the jade threw by Won.

Kim Go Soon plans to unite Master Lee to chamber to get details about nearby soul shifter. Cheo Yeon starts losing hope to find her long lost daughter and Jin Woo Tak manipulates her using it. He pricks a hole on her neck with a hair pin resembling Mu Doek’s mole. Jang Uk preserves Mu Doek’s identity by bribing the informer while Mu Deok learns about So Yi who robbed Mu Deok’s house. Her friend suspects that she’s still searching for Mu Deok.

Park Jin gets doubtful on Mu Deok and decides to do a complete background check on her. Loan sharks were at the back So Yi who’s held captive by Jin Mu. She watched in horror as the people who knew her identity were fed to soul shifters in front of her eyes sending a warning to her. Mu Deok and Crown Prince gets into an argument over the stone. Jang Uk driven by jealousy kisses Mu Deok taking her off guard. Mu Deok runs away with his sudden move but also doesn’t forget to show the jade to him revealing her feelings too.

Mu Deok meets with Park Jin who questions her about her identity and her false claim about being blind. She also gets to know about So Yi and gets confused about it. A false murder charge lands on Mu Deok as she finds a man with throat slit and Park Jin believes it to be Mu Doek’s doing. Jung Uk meets with King Soo along with Master Lee who questions about how he managed to look young. Master Lee makes a shocking revelation that he’s a shape shifter himself and that his body is long dead. He reveals that he’s there to sniff the shape shifter lurking around.