K Drama Alchemy Of Souls Episode 8 Written Update: Bu Yeon gets to know that she’s Nak Su

The episode starts with Park Jin, Master Heo and Maidservant Kin discussing about Jang Uk and Bu Yeon splitting up. Heo calls their relationship very pure and is kind of expected. On the other hand, Jang Uk and Bu Yeon share a passionate kiss. Jang Uk stops despite but Yeon asking him not to. He promises to take her with hi with her mother’s permission and asks her to go back to Jinyowon for now. Lady Heo comes in search of Seo yul only to find him not there. Seo Yul asks Master Lee about how could he hide about Nak Su from Jang Uk.

Master Lee says that both Nak Su and Bu Yeon are co-existing in Bu Yeon’s body and Nak Su will disappear after she suck all of Nak Su’s energy to get back her divine powers. He asks him to let her be with Jang Uk till she disappears. Bu Yeon and Jang Uk spends some romantic moments together with Bu Yeon not wanting to leave him at all. She still wants to go back to Jinyowon so that Jang Uk doesn’t earn much hate from her mother. Seo Yul organized a meeting and says that he will speak with Lady Jin to take back her promise and unite Bu Yeon and jang Uk as the promise was made to save him. Master Heo says the same to Cho Yeon. Dang Gu is elated to hear and asks whether they could ask Seo Yul to help with convincing Lady Jin for their marriage too. She says it’s not needed as her mother doesn’t hate him like she does with Jang Uk.

Jang Uk gets relieved knowing that Seo Yul will convince Lady Jin to not separate him from Bu Yeon. Bu Yeon comes to Seo Yul and apologizes for forcing him to take her to Danghanggok not aware of his condition. He says that she wouldn’t apologize f she knew why he agreed to take her there. She gets few memories with him and asks about it. He asks het to visit the tree to get her answers but also says that her being with Jang Uk will only result in pain for both.

Bu Yeon refuses to go there not ready to face anything that could sabotage her relationship with Jang Uk. Maidservant Kin is happy for Jang Uk and Bu Yeon. Go Won sends a gold plaque to Jang Uk asking him to bring his if he had one of the same. Go Won sees that his turtle is missing and asks about it who says that they tried a lot but couldn’t find it. Seo Yul visits So Yi’s dead body a nd finds her with the green umbrella. Her assistant says how much the umbrella means to her and how she considers him the only light in her dark world. Seo Yul gets emotional remembering her and requests to cremate her in a warm place where sunlight is present. Jang Uk visits Bu Yeon who feels bad seeing the scar made by the sword. He hugs her.

Seo Yul visits Lady Jin and says that he knew about Nak Su’s secret. He says that Nak Su’s soul will soon leave Bu Yeon’s body and she will get her daughter back. He pleads her to let her be with Jang Uk until then. Lady Heo plans to use a medicine which would expose soul shifters if poured on their marks. Jang Uk visits Go Won without the plaque but also clears that he has it with him.

Go Won acts cold with him and asks him to go to North Fortress if he doesn’t want to fight him and Jang Uk agrees. Jin Mu appreciates Go Won for making Jang Uk agree to leave to North Fortress as they could go on with their plan in his absence. Go Won learns that Jin Mu is the one who discarded his turtle and controls his anger and pretends sane in front of Jin Mu. Lady Heo summons Bu Yeon to the grave tomb to check her with the medicine. Seo Yul learns that Lady Heo read his letter and rushes to stop her.

Lady Heo says Bu Yeon that she will soon find out about herself and pours the medicine on her but her body doesn’t show anything. By mistake some medicine gets into her eyes and it turns blue. Seo yul comes there before Lady Heo could see it and sends away Bu Yeon. Bu Yeon while washing her eyes sees the blue mark in her eyes and gets shocked. Seo Yul convinces Lady Heo saying that Nak Su will soon disappear. Bu Yeon goes to the tree where she slowly gets all her memories back. She finally remembers that she’s Nak Su and gets shocked and guilty.

Bu Yeon speaks with Nak Su and says that she must leave the body once she gets all her divine powers back. Jang Uk is searching for Bu Yeon and finds the blue jade is missing. He learns that he’s at Sejukwon. Nak Su is sitting drowned in guilt and pain a nd Seo Yul calls Jang Uk. He comes there and asks where she went. She revealed that she got her memories back. She told that she liked someone a lot but also hurt him badly that she can’t go in front of him Jang Uk got upset hearing it and Bu Yeon left to Jinyowon asking him to turn off the lamp for her. Jang Uk gets heartbroken.

Bu Yeon comes back to her old place refusing to stay in aroma nd hides herself drowned in pain. Jang Uk is appointed to leave to the North Fortress for the benefit of Daeho while Jin Mu promised to take care of Dae Ho. Jang Uk says he will goa lone and his wife won’t accompany him. Jang Uk pines for Bu Yeon and feels wronged by her who ditched him right after he fell in love with her. He goes to Jinyowon but Cho Yeon speaks for Bu Yeon conveying him that Bu Yeon is aware of him leaving North Fortress and wished him good luck.

Bu Yeon watched it all and came back to her room to find Jang Uk there. Jang Uk refuses to give in to her and told that he would be waiting for her to come back to him and leaves the place. Master Lee tells Seo Yul that if Jang Uk learns that Nak Su’s soul will disappear he has the power to destroy Bu Yeon’s soul to protect Nak Su. However it is a forbidden practice like alchemy of soul and so it’s better for hi to not learn the truth. Jang Uk leaves for North Fortress. Master Lee finds the turtle who has a purpose to guide way for someone.

Jin Mu throws hundreds of fire bird earthen in Lake Gyeonchangdaeho to scare people and perform a ritual using his secret army. He says the same to Go Won who agrees to help him transport the earthen. Jin Mu visits Lady Jin asking for her Plaque as he finds he unfit to keep it. He says that her powers are weak and so she can’t protect the Plaque. Bu Yeon learns about Jin Mu and herself takes the Plaque with her and on the way finds the turtle too.

Lady Jin is about o bow in front of Jin Mu for the Plaque when Bu Yeon challenges him to prove herself efficient to protect the Plaque. Jin Mu tests her by sending her in a cage with Wraiths throwing the Plaque in it. He asks her to enter the dangerous place to retrieve the Plaque and prove herself. She leaves with the turtle which guides her to the Plaque. She gets chased by wraiths. Jang Uk comes to rescue her out of nowhere and finds the blue mark in her eyes. He gets shocked.