K Drama Crash Course In Romance Episode 1 Written Update: Nam struggles hard to make ends meet.

The episode starts with Parents picking up their children from private class and the place is crowded. A boy gets scared seeing someone as he gets very close to falling down from the railing. The scene cuts to a single mother Nam Hang San who’s running a restaurant and was a former national handball athlete. She narrates how the parents were competing against each other pressurizing their children to get them admitted in private coaching places for competitive exams. She reaches her restaurant buying the ingredients and discuss about the same with her friend and fellow worker Yong Joo. The Star Math’s Teacher of the place Choi Chi Yeol films and ad to promote his academy and also a very talented teacher. He refuses to continue the shooting over the scheduled time due to his hectic schedule. He also keeps himself updated about his rival academy sites and one among them is Song Hyun. He started his live 30 minutes prior to Chi Yeol’s live and Chi Yeol rushes to catch up. He has a set of agents working for him while he starts the class with his charisma. While the other person struggles a beat in some portion Chi Yeol gives a proper briefing without stumbling at any point. Tis results in all the students shifting to his life over the other one and he wins against his rival.

Nam’s daughter Hae Yi, her two other friends including Seon Jae were discussing about how they performed in their exams. Everyone made a mistake at some point when Bang Su pops in and flaunts how she did everything perfect in her exam. She leaves happily knowing that Hae Yi and others who were her competitors made some mistake. Bang Su happily says the same to her mother who gives her the bad news that she couldn’t get to enroll in Chi Yeol’s class this season. Hae Yi and Seon Jae were stressed out about exams when Seon Jae suggests her to take Chi Yeol’s classes like him. Hae Yi wondered if it works and they both left for a long drive in bus to clear their mind and part ways. Hae Yi comes home when Nam asks her to make some deliveries. Hae Yi leaves to send her uncle who’s quite autistic and has something obsessed every time in his mind. Right now he’s obsessed with mandarin lions. Chi Yeol takes interactive classes which entertains his students well. The students especially female ones load him with gifts after classes and one among them is very much obsessed over him. Bang Su’s mother Su Hee and another’s mother Mi Ok are buying veggies with Hae San as they discuss about their children’s studies. A lawyer comes there and they have a small argument over the difference between lawyer and attorney. Mi Ok and Su Hee express their doubt about Hae Yi not resembling her mother but Nam denies it. One of Chi Yeol’s employees tries setting him up with a blind date but he turns it down. He considers everything apart from work as a waste of time including eating.

Chi Yeol have difficult eating due to extreme stress. Seong Jae come home to find his parents fighting with each other and the lawyer Jang Seo Jin is his mother. She questions him about hi studies and scolds him for his silly mistakes which could affect his medical entrance. Her scolding immediately stops a s someone starts playing music in the nearby room. A mysterious person is studying math in the music room and his face is not revealed. Nam finds Jae Woo having high fever and Hae Yi calls for emergency. Chi Yeol comes home but the obsessed student who was following him barges into his house and Chi Yeol as a hard time throwing her out. He booked a taxi to take her home but she immediately hugs him not letting him go. Someone clicks their picture of hugging. Jae Woo gets treated in hospital when Hae Yi finds Nam struggling to arrange money for the bills. Chi Yeol spends sleepless night and gets down on blanket to sleep. A girl’s face disturbs his sleep-in dreams.

Chi Yeol wakes up tired and gets a shocking news that his hugging picture with the obsessed girl went viral. Dong Hee reprimand shim for showing concern on her instead of throwing her out right then. H gets even more terrified when the girl posts online that their relationship is true. Malicious comments are passed on Chi Yeol while others showered support for him. The classes were declared holiday and everyone thinks it’s because of the news but he’s actually admitted in hospital unwell. It’s kept a secret by the academy officials. While waiting for lift Jae Woo clicks the tiger on Chi Yeol’s hoodie but Chi Yeol fights with him thinking that he clicked his picture. Nam comes in support of her brother when Chi Yeol runs away with the phone. She chases after him but he hides in washroom. She still manages to catch him while he already saw that he Jae Woo only clicked his hoodie and not him. He ran away throwing away the phone while the phone breaks. He runs away as Dong Hee picks him in his car after realizing that he’s at fault. Bang Su tops the class while Hae Yi is down that others mocked her. Jae Woo is upset that his phone is broken and Nam has a hard time consoling him. Hae Yi vents out her frustration on Nam saying that she doesn’t behave like other mothers as she’s not her daughter and leaves angrily. Dong Hee learns about Nam’s restaurant providing organic food and buys some for Chi Yeol. Hae Yi when private recalls her real mother abandoning her at Nam’s place and cries. Nam come there and they have an open talk. Nam regrets for letting Hae Yi fell outcast. After much persuasion, Chi Yeol have Nam’s food and liked it so much that he fully completed it. Hae Yi requests Nam to enroll her in Chi Yeol’s class.