K Drama Crash Course In Romance Episode 4 Written Update: Hae Yi and Haeng San fall victim for rich people’s politics.

The episode starts with Chi Yeol laughing out while recalling Haeng San’s act and can’t imagine her reaction once she’s sober. As expected Haeng San recalls all that happened and is embarrassed about herself. Young Joo added to her embarrassment mocking her for her act. Chi Yeol comes t get food and didn’t fail to tease Haeng San who’s pretending to have forgotten about what happened. He enjoys her clumsiness. Haeng San is having dinner with other mothers whose children got selected for All Care Program and Haeng San brought some side dishes to go with their drinks. Su Hee looks down on her when Seo Jin joins them later. Su Hee and Seo Jin have a war of words and their fight turns into an ugly spat. Haeng San who tries making peace between them got hurt in the process. Hae Yi and Seon Jae where discussing about how the ice hokey player classmate of theirs Seo Gun Hu had to quit his sport due to injury. Hae Yi feels and for him when one of her classmates says that Hae Yi’s request to accept another option as answer got accepted by teacher as it is also right. Su Ah gets furious as it could affect her Level 1 cut off. She argues with her teacher about the same but teacher says that nothing could be done anymore as everything is evaluated.

Haeng San shares with Young Joo how they behaved in the All Care Program meeting when Hae Yi happily informs her that she passed with Level 1 in test. Haeng San is proud of her. Haeng San is feeding Kiwi fruit to Hae Yi when Hae Yi expresses her wish to top the CSAT exam for her mother to see her achievement. Haeng San asks her not to expect high. Su Ah is furious at Hae Yi and is crying as she got level 2 due to the answer fiasco. She complained about it to her mother who’s equally furious at Hae Yi. She gets the brat boy Young Min’s rich mother’s call who invites her to her home. She asks Su Hee’s help to convince other mothers to get Young Min admitted as one more student in the All Care Program. Su Hee says it’s not possible but suggests her to replace her son with one student whose social status doesn’t match with them indicating Hae Yi. Haeng San makes a delicious dish and invites Chi Yeol over to try it. Chi Yeol is excited about it want to try it and keeps himself empty for it. Su Hee meets with Seo Jin to ask support to replace Hae Yi with Young Min. At first, she denies, but she then sees Hae Yi passing by laughing with Seon Jae. She changes her mind an supports the idea. Hae Yi is very much excited about the All Care Program when she gets message that she’s out of the program.

Chi Yeol who comes to the restaurant to try Haeng San’s dish finds her leaving furious somewhere. Chi Yeol later gets the message from Dong Yi. Haeng San fights with the desk person about the reason for disqualifying Hae Yi after accepting her. She gives reason that she just joined an didn’t take much classes of Chi Yeol which is the reason for her getting disqualified. Haeng San fights that no such rule was mentioned before and Hae Yi sees it. They come home and Haeng San is still furious but Hae Yi says that she’s fine with the regular classes and asks her not get stressed out. However in private she breaks down crying. Chi Yeol is furious at Director for his detestable act and asks him to take back what he did but he refuses saying that he’s a business man and wants to adjust in some ways. Chi Yeol opts out from the program and didn’t listen to any of Director’s pleas. He vents out it to Dong Yi. Haeng San is still furious and tries keeping herself busy. Hye Yi and her classmates were playing throw ball when Su Ah intentionally hits Hae Yi with the ball. Her nose starts bleeding and Gun Hu helps her with it. Su Hee and Mi Ok visit Haeng San shop asking her to remove herself from the All Care Program group and that too right there and Haeng San does as they said. She then leaves furiously. Later, Hae Yi couldn’t help but gets irked about her continuous bad time from discarded to nose bleeding.

Haeng San protests at the Pride academy and demands to meet with the Director. The staffs throw her outside but she didn’t stop. Young Joo is worried as she might take any step-in haste. She comes back a nd leaves with the speakers. She shouts in front of the academy about the injustice happened to her and demanded a meeting with the Director. The Director passes by and Haeng San tries to convince him to talk with her. He tries avoiding her and in the process by mistake bumps with a pile of materials and gets himself hurt. He calls his assistant to get Haeng San arrested and also blacklist Hae Yi. Haeng San feels guilty about what happened and waits to apologize when Police comes there to arrest her. Chi Yeol take her with him before they could arrest her and las out at her for her thoughtless act. He says that her actions only ended up with Hae Yi getting discarded from the academy and blacklisted and scolds her act. She gets furious about it and says that Hae Yi no more need the academy and takes her leave. A furious Haeng San forbids providing food to anyone related to The Pride. The Next day, Chi Yeol and Dong Yi comes to Nation’s best Banchan to find the notice about the same and leaves the place. Chi Yeol’s first season classes end and it’s Hae Yi’s last class. Su Ah and other All Care Program students beg Chi Yeol to not opt of the special program for one student and Chi Yeol didn’t have any option but agree.

Dong Yi serves him food and he pretends like enjoying it only to throw up in private. Chi Yeol has a terrible tiredness as he couldn’t have food properly and is less enthusiastic in class. He visits his doctor who states that it’s his guiltiness that he couldn’t help Hae Yi which is the reason for his fatigue. Gun Hu barges in the middle of the class but teacher throws him out. He stands out when teacher asks him to start a fresh in the right way. Chi Yeol’s condition worsen without proper meal. Seon Jae offers to give Hae Yi his study material but Hae Yi declines calling it a cheating. Just Like Chi Yeol, Haeng San also misses him but didn’t say it out loud. Gun Hu asks Hae Yi’s help to help him study. Chi Yeol took the All Care Program class in a boring way and Young Min taunted him about the same. He threw him out of the class. Young Min complained about it to his friend and Hee Jae heard how he got placed using his power. Chi Yeol is furious that someone like him took over Hae Yi’s position and leaves somewhere. Someone follows Young Min and he runs away frightening. He runs upstairs and the person pushes him down to death. Chi Yeol comes to Haeng San and agrees to tutor Hae Yi in private but he keeps a condition in return for it.