K Drama Trolley Episode 1 Written Update: Hye Joo’s daughter goes missing.

The episode starts with a mother Kim Hye Joo reporting to Police about her missing 8 year old daughter Nam Yoon Seo. Kim Hye Joo runs a book conservation studio and one of her customers happily ranted to her about her son’s baby journal and asked about her. Kim Hye Joo doesn’t give in much details apart from the thing tha she has a son at the age of 22 and a daughter at the age of 8. Once the customer leaves Hye Joo joins with her friend to a parent’s meeting. They all pestered her about how her daughter is the top rank student in the class. She refuses to reveal anything about her personal life. They plan to meet on Sunday as they had used their influence to get their children’s name published as co author for a professor’s thesis. Hye Joo turned down the offer and her friend scolded her for the same. On her way she found a hungry kid and fed her food in her sister’s shop for free. It’s free for all the children and women. Once she leaves a staff in the shop tried asking her about her hometown but Hye Joo left without answering. Her sister reveals that she has a troubled childhood which is the reason she’s avoiding to talk about it. On her way, she is about to help few social workers but they turned down her help as they knew that she’s a wife of an assemblyman.

Hye Joo’s husband Nam Jung Do, is an assemblyman at Daehan Party. He gives speech about retriving lands from opposing party which they got by forging the real estate business. the concerned person got furious at him over the same. He bumped with Jung Do on his way and went on taunt him for being an assemblyman at such a young age. Jung do replied him back with a taste off his own medicine and goes to meet his party President Woo Jin Suk. It’s revealed that Hye Joo and his family are kept in secret as they don’t help him like other’s family in elections. They both discussed about upcoming election and finds Jung Do enjoying the view from her room. She suggested him to take over the room but Jung Do politely refuses. She also offers him to take other most demanded rooms but Jung Do clears that he wants his current room to be the most demanded and wpuld work for the same. Jin Suk is impressed with his passion. He meets with fellow citizens to know about their demands and also gives them his own number so that they could contact him directly. He’s ready to take both abuses and criticism if it helps him in connecting with people. He texts a flirting message to his wife and Hye Joo replies back in the same. She finds the shop she ordered oil closed. Another lady says that the shop owner’s grand daughter committed suicide and it’s her funeral that day. Hye Joo is the only one appeared for the funeral.

Hye Joo asks the reason for her demise and she answers that her grand daughter suicide after her boy friend threatened to publicize her private photos. She adds with misery that the culprit is not even arrested. She vents out her pain to Hye Joo and feels grateful for her presence I the funeral. Hye Joo comforts her. At home Yoon Seo comes back upset as she turned down the co author offer and sulked about the same. She spends time drinking with her sister who also stays downstairs with her. Jung Do comes back home and they retire to bed. He is about to romance with her when he gets a call that a shopping complex owner’s mother in law passed away and he leaves to attend the funeral. Hye Joo also gets down to resume her work when she finds Yoon Seo missing. She searched with her sister on streets in rain and finally reports the Police.

Police notes the details from her and they leave to search for their daughter when Jung Do comes there. They all together searched vigorously the whole night but couldn’t find anything about her. Jung Do supported her and the officers shift the duty to two other officers as their duty is over. Hye Joo pleads them to hire two more officers and gets angry when they don’t listen to her. However they soon identify him as Assemblyman and wants to focus special on the case. Jung do is against it and asks them to treat them equal but Hye Joo pleads him for their daughter. They soon issue a terrific search all over the town while Hye Joo gave out flyers. They get a call and rushes to Han river side as they found a body with red winter jacket. They open the face and gets more terrified as the dead one is not their daughter but son Ji Hoon. Hye Joo recalls her harsh words towards her son the last time they met and regretted immediately. Yoon Seo came back home and is equally shocked. The inspectors say that they found drug packet in his pocket and that his phone was a burner phone. They both gets shocked hearing it. It’s revealed that he recently got released from prison and Hye Joo was the one wo picked him and took him to new place for him to stay with some allowance. They argue that they were ashamed of him and that’s when Hye Joo reacted harshly that she wished he disappeared.

Yoon Seo rushes to them and hugs them saying that she only wanted to worry them and stayed in a far away sauna but didn’t expect to lose her brother. She blamed herself for it while Hye Joo aske her not to. A funeral is conducted where everyone passes mixed comments about his death while the parents were shattered. Two weeks later, she cleaned his place to find lipstick stains in cups. She also signed for his death certificate and came back home. A girl greeted her on door saying that she’s pregnant with Ji Hoon’s child. News reports about Jung Do’s son intaking drugs goes viral threatening his political career.