K Drama Trolley Episode 7 Written Update: Nam on a spree to resolve the upcoming trouble

The episode starts with Hye Joo leaving her house to meet Seung Hee. Seung Hee calls her mother and asks her to visit on time. She learns that Ki Young is with her mother and asks her to leave him when she comes. Nam learns about Kim Hye Joo’s past through Woo Jae. Seung Hee’s mother blurts out to Ki Young about Seung Hee asking her to exclude him while returning home. He recalls Seung Hee’s words from last day and immediately calls Nam to alert him. Hye Joo reaches on time and switches off her phone as Nam keeps calling her. Seung Hee asks her to wash her face while Ki Young delays dropping off Yoo Shin by taking the wrong route as she was fast asleep. Nam comes there and rings the bell but Seung Hee doesn’t open it. He bumps Hye Joo’s car with his to alert Hye Joo and Hye Joo comes out of the washroom. She also witnesses Nam creating mess outside the house and comes out seeing him about to barge in the gate by breaking git with his vehicle. Nam got hurt while he hit Hye Joo’s vehicle. Nam come inside and tries taking away Hye Joo when Hye Joo says that she needs to apologize. Nam says that she doesn’t have to as she didn’t do any mistake.

Seung Hee gets angry when Hye Joo says that she wants to apologize only for them losing their child and again says that she didn’t lie about the molestation. Seung Hee doesn’t trust her and accuses both the husband and wife as murderers. Hye Joo stops her asking her to not involve her husband in it when Seung Hee demands her to say the truth to the world. Hye Joo stands firm in her point. She loses her cool nd slaps Seung Hee when she brings up the death of her son. She then leaves with Nam. She sees her car totally damaged and joins Nam in his car. Nam doesn’t ask anything to her and just calls Woo Jae to tow the damage car and leaves with her. Ki Young and Yoo Sin come back to find the damaged car and enquires Seung Hee. Seung Hee doesn’t answer and leaves the house. Ki Young just asks if she’s hurt and she says no and leaves. Seung Hee is in her school and is confused about whom to trust and ends up trusting her family over Hye Joo. Soo Bin finds the little girl whom she scolded back in the restaurant for leaving without paying . she buys her a lip balm and also asks her not trust the restaurant lady Yeo Jin.

Soo Bi sells her branded bag for cheap price. Woo Jae meets with Ki Young and warns them to not mess with Hye Joo. He says that there is no proof about who’s saying the truth nd if the past gets out then it would be a loss for both of them. He also reminds him that they have enough proof against them in the land case. It’s revealed that it’s Woo Jae who asked the reporter to publish the news about the medical uploading the videos in porn sites before dying to benefit Nam. Assemblyman Kang bumps with Woo Jin Seok and invites her for a meeting later which she agrees. Seung Hee sees Ki Young’s concerned texts and calls but ignores it. She calls Assemblyman Kang regarding Hye Joo and explains everything to him. Kang advises her to not act out of impulsiveness as they don’t have any proof regarding the issue. He asks her to not offend Nam recklessly.

Nam and Hye Joo come back home and Hye Joo asks why didn’t he asks anything to her. Nam expresses her trust on her and assures to stand by her. He also asks her to not say anything to him about her past. She fears that it could affect his elections which he agrees. He leaves to park the car when Hye Joo notices two similar envelopes on both Nam and Hye Joo’s name. she reads it and shouts for Nam. They both were present at Mill Lady Cho Gwo Son’s shop and calls police to break in taking responsibility. They break in to find her attempted suicide but is till conscious. Hye Joo sighs in relief while they rescue her. At the hospital, she reads her letter who was disheartened by the victim blaming just because the accused his dead and wants to suicide for the people to believe her. She shares with Nam that she despised Seung Ho but didn’t wish for him to die. They are back home and Nam leaves to his study. On the way he bumps with Soo Bin and asks her to not mess with Hye Joo in order to save herself from the consequences. Seung Hee also refuses to share anything with Ki Young who’s worried about Woo Jae’s threat. Nam works about the sexual abuse case study.

Next day, Yoo Sin is having food with Ki Young and Seung Hee. She keeps bossing her around and expressing her disappointment hurting her with her words. Seung Hee leaves angrily while Ki Young is equally pissed with Yoo Sin. He sees Seung Hee’s mobile and recalls Seung Hee leaving to Australia asking hi to take care of her mother as she is unable to handle her tantrums. Hye Joo is about to enter Soo Bin’s room after knocking the door when Soo Bin rushes from washroom. She asks Hye Joo to not enter her room in her absence and she agrees. She leaves informing Soo Bin and Soo Bin finds her old mobile on charge and is relieved that Hye Joo didn’t see it. Ki Young is confused about whether he should call Hye Joo when Hye Joo visits Cho in hospital assuring her that everything would be fine. Nam also comes there to treat his injury and learns that he got hairline fracture and Doctor advises him to not over work out. Seung Hee decides to use the medical student family against Nam. She starts collecting details. Nam is discussing with his team o pass a bill where the sexual offenders’ case would still be investigated even if the accused is no more. Everyone says that there is only minimum possibility for the bill to be passed but Nam wants it to be do e for his wife. Ki Young calls Hye Joo to meet her and she waits for him. She recalls him proposing her in high school, when Ki Young comes there.