K Drama Trolley Episode 8 Written Update: Hye Joo learns a shocking truth.

The episode starts with Hye Joo recalling a past moment when Seung Hee expresses her interest on Ki Young indirectly. Ki Young proposed Hye Joo soon after and Hye Joo turned it down for her friend. Ki Young meets Hye Joo in café. Ki Young realizes from Hye Joo’s face that she didn’t lie about the molestation. Soo Bin is cleaning the house surprising Yeo Jin. Yeo Jin asks her to do Hye Joo’s room too but Soo Bin refuses as Hye Joo asked her to not enter her room. Nam Jung Do shares about his worry for Hye Joo to Woo Jae and is sure that Seng Hee won’t back off from getting her revenge. He decides to use the internet to his favor using people’s emotions. Ki Young comes back home and finds Seung Hee who’s pretending to sleep. He goes to washroom and recalls his earlier conversation with Hye Joo. He asked her to apologize and end the matter for everyone’s benefit.

Hye Joo gets down from bus as she recalls Ki Young’s plea and finds Soo Bin near her studio drenched in rain. She rushes to her and asks her what he was doing there. Soo Bin says that she always checked on her books when it rained and she came to do the same She apologizes for not getting her permission as she felt awkward and Hye Joo says she’s not worried about the books but about her health. She hugs her in worry and Soo bin also cries in her arms. She recalls doctor saying that she suffered miscarriage as the baby is dead in her womb. Nam is having dinner with Woo Jin when Woo Jin says about the possibilities for his proclaimed bill t pass. Nam says about how the victim gets blamed if the accused commits suicide and being in the field of law they both know about it well. Woo Jin expresses her concern and Nam assures to take care of it. Woo Jae finds Yeo Jin drinking alone and joins her. They both recall the past when they first met each other. She ran a case against her husband who died killing her child but didn’t see an end to it due the law limitations. Woo Jae also says that he quit his permanent reporter job to join this temporary job only for his admiration towards Jang Do’s ideology.

Soo Bin and Hye Joo comes back home and Hye Joo prepares bathtub for Soo Bin. Hye Joo takes a look at Yoon Seo and they share a hug. Nam looks sadly at a father-son duo playing together. Hye Joo asks Soo Bin if she could join her in the studio later. Soo Bin at first says she has plans but later agrees to join her. Hye Joo brings the Mill lady home discharging her from hospital. Soo Bin comes to the studio while Yoo Shin irritates Assemblyman Soon with her constant pestering. Assemblyman Soon asks to do a background check on Ji Hoon to find something against Nam. Yoo Shin again scolds Ki Young for job which upsets him. Seung Hee apologizes him for her mother’s behavior when Ki Young asks her to not create any mess until the land issue is resolved as it only worries her mother more. Soo Bin asks why would she click the picture of her book for which Hye Joo says that she gifts it to her customers as a gift as they cherish it so much. Soo Bin requests to click a picture of hers too and she clicks one for her. Hye Joo while checking the pictures finds some of Ji Hoon pictures too and asks Soo Bin if she had any of his pictures. She soon realizes that she lost the phone and request to get some from their friends and Soo Bin agrees. She uploads the photos to print.

Yoon Seo’s friend takes her advice whether to reveal about her father’s affair to her family. Yoon Seo advises her to go ahead. Nam visits TV station for an interview. Soo Bin’s doctor advised her to get a surgery to remove the dead fetus as it could be dangerous for her. Nam goes on live about the Mill lady’s suicide and the medical student revealing the private pictures of the girl. Soo Bin gets the surgery done due to immense pain. Seung Hee couldn’t find details about the medical student’s parents. Soo Bin hears Hye Joo sharing with Yeo Jin about her molestation nd the follow up. Hye Joo cries in her arms and Yeo Jin asks her to not blame herself for it. Seung Hee sees the news too and finds the whole nation cursing the medical student’s parents. In one of the comments she finds the link of the medical student’s parent’s shop page. Hye Joo learns from Yeo Jin about Nam exposing about the mill lady’s suicide in news and fights with him. She asks him to stop as she don’t want anymore guilt of killing anyone. However, Nam says that the people’s emotions are needed for the bill to pass that could benefit many others. Soo Bin and Yoon Seo also hears their fight.

Next day, Soo Bin asks Hye Joo to not prepare meals for her anymore and Hye Joo couldn’t understand what she said. It’s revealed that Yeo Jin was present with her when she had the surgery and she asked her to keep it a secret from Hye Joo. Soo Bin leaves the house soon after when the photos get delivered but someone takes it. Hye Joo gets the message about photos and comes back to get it. She decides to end Ji Hoon’s photos to his grandmother an searchers envelope for it in Nam’s drawer. She finds Ji Hoon’s phone there which Nam told that it’s lost. He reads his message to Soo Buin where Ji Huon asks Soo Bin to not break up with him or les e he would commit suicide shocking her.