K Drama Trolley Episode 9 Written Update: Nam and Woo Jae’s inhumane act.

The episode starts with Hye Joo getting shocked knowing that Soo Bin is responsible for her son’s suicide. Soo Bin is at a sauna. Hye Joo is devastated and tries finding Soo Bin but didn’t fins her at home. Yeo Jin coms there and Hye Joo shares everything with her. Yeo Jin asks her to let go off Soo Bin’s thoughts as she’s not someone who would need her concern. People at Nam’s office where discussing about a sex scandal of another politician.

Nam comes there and silences his phone seeing Yeo Jin’s call as he was busy in a meeting. Yeo Jin texts him to call her as it’s urgent. Soo Bin visits her mother who’s least concerned about her as she abandoned her right after she was born. Soo Bin couldn’t help but compare her mother with Hye Joo who was more worried about her. Her sister comes there and her mother acts like Soo Bin is a customer. Soo Bin leaves upset and disheartened when her mother asks her to not dare to contact her sister. After coming out, she cries over her mother’s behavior towards her. Yoon Seo consoles her friend who was upset with her father’s affair. Yoon Seo also shares with her about her late brother’s pregnant girlfriend Soo Bin.

Hye Joo leaves to attend a customer who’s very much satisfied with her work. She shows it to her son and asks Hye Joo about her son but Hye Joo doesn’t answer. Yeo Jin is waiting nearby for her to send off her customer as she recalls Soo Bin asking her to keep her miscarriage a secret from Hye Joo. Once the customer leaves, Hye Joo calls Nam and gets panic attack while speaking. She faints in stress while Nam gets worried for her. At hospital, Doctor advises Nam to not let Hye Joo stress over anymore. Nam recalls finding about his son’s suicide but kept it a secret from Hye Joo for not depressing her.

Woo Jae also suggested him that it could be a favor for them as they could pin the blame on Soo Bin if things go wrong. Hye Joo wakes up a nd they both mourn for their dead child. Seung Hee visits Seung Kyu’s parent shop and introduces herself. They both were surprised that two lives were lost due to both Nam and is wide. She suggests them to join hands with her to fight against Nam but they turn down offer saying that they recently got to know something shocking. They reveal that the victim Sol was a call girl and they don’t want their matter to get discussed further. Seung Hee tries to convince them but in vain.

Soo Bin is in sauna and recalls Hye Joo caring about the baby. Soon Hong’s secretary was showing Soo Bin’s photo to his friend and they tried recalling where they spotted her before. His friend suggested that she might be one of the call girls he visited but he says that she’s not but couldn’t exactly recall who Soo Bin is. Hye Joo cries to Nam about the continuous suicide that’s happening around them from Seung Ho to their son and the medical student. Nam asks her to not compare their son’s suicide with the other two as they both did it to cover their crimes while their son didn’t. Yoo Shin is again scolding Ki Young for not clearing up with Nam yet when Seung Hee comes there after meeting Seung Kyu’s parent.

Once her mother leaves complaining, Seung Hee clears with Ki Young that if the victim of sexual crime is a sex worker then people could see her different light. Ki Young agrees with her and says that it definitely changes the dimensions. Hye Joo comes home and Yeo Jin comforts her. She goes to check on Yoon Seo when Yeo Jin confronts Nam for not hiding the phone properly from Hye Joo nor deleting the text. Nam says that he wanted to keep the text for using it in their favor in future if any issue takes place. Woo Jae is relieved that Soo Bin left the house.

Soo Bin after waking up finds that she left the phone at her mother’s place. Someone calls Soo Bin’s mobile but her mother picked up the girl. Nam and Hye Joo visits their son’s memorial a nd regret for not protecting him. . Seung Hee is about to post about Sol in social media. Hye Joo visits the mill lady and hears her talks before taking a leave. Woo Jae gets the message about Sol being a sex worker posted online and gets stunned.

Nam is frustrated over the same as things don’t go planned and everything ahs turned against him. Hye Joo checks Ji Hoon’s phone to find Soo Bin’s pictures in it. She tries calling her old phone but she doesn’t pick up and so sends a message. Ki Young and Seung Hee are on a date when Seung Kyu’s parents call her and lash out at her for posting about Sol online. Seung Hee says that it wasn’t her but they didn’t believe and threaten to sue her. While Kang Soon Hong was rejoicing Nam’s downfall his secretary finds another post where Nam is getting beaten up by Seung Kyu’s father and it went viral.

Yoon Seo also sees it. Soon Hong’s secretary finally found where he found Soo Bin. He recalls Soo Bin’s friend threatening him for money for hitting his car and blackmailed him with his call girl’s visit. It was actually him who posted about Sol being a sex worker as he was her client too. Soo Bin scolds her mother when she learns that she gave away her phone to someone who claimed to be her boyfriend. Soo Bin calls the person and it’s her friend who blackmailed Soon Hong’s secretary. The old lady lashed out at Nam for visiting Seung Kyu’s mother in hospital and betraying her. She asked him to never visit her again and accused him of using her. Hye Joo learns about Nam getting beaten up and regrets for accusing him. They both gets intimate. It’s revealed that it was all pre planned by Nam to use it for his own good.