K-Drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 15 Written Update: Do Wager’s malicious plan against her enemies.

The episode starts with Physician Kwon finding the autopsy missing. Queen confronts him about killing her son. She reveals that she found out that he is Yi Ik Yeon. Kwon reasons that his brothers were killed by injustice and it’s form of revenge for his pain and fear. Queen angrily says that he can’t give his fear as an excuse for killing an innocent person. Kwon apologizes for it and also explains how he killed the late Crown Prince. Queen gets furious. Guards tries to catch him but he runs away. Guards catch Master To Ji and other rebels but misses Kwon. Queen reveals that it’s Kyi Ik Yeon, son of deposed Queen. King doesn’t want to accept that Kwon who killed their son and that he’s King gets informed about Kwon’s escape who asks them to find him as soon as possible. Ik Yeon is at Ui Seong’s quarters who no more wants to be a part of the treason. Kwon says they could still win once they get their hands on Tae In’s autopsy report. Chief State Councilor says about Kwon’s escape to Consort Hwang who asks him to keep Ui Seong away from the treason. Queen explains Crown Prince about how she got hold of the autopsy before Kwon by manipulating Royal Physician Cho.

King visits Master To Ji in prison who asks him to confess where Physician Kwon is in order to free him. Master To Ji mocks him for usurping the throne by poisoning the real Crown Prince. King angrily says that it was not him who poisoned him but agrees that he turned the other way even after witnessing it. Master To Ji refuses to believe it and says that it’s his greed for the throne which ended up in snatching his brothers life and says that he can never be free of that guilt. King says that he’s working hard to keep the country prosperous and prove that he’s capable for the position. Master To Ji again mocks him and says that it’s not true as no matter what History will always remember him as someone who killed his brother to snatch the throne. Queen visits Do Wager and informs her about Kwon being Il Yeon and that the one staying with deposed Queen is an imposter. She also reveals that she has the autopsy report of Crown Prince Tae In. Do Wager gets angry and asks what she wants. Queen asks her to give her Royal Physician alive to him before the King finds him as the King has ordered to kill him.

Queen leaves while Do Wager has no plans of giving Kwon to the Queen. Queen rushes to Crown Princess who’s collapsed. Royal Physician checks her and finds her heartbeat abnormal. Her Court Lady reveals that she has abnormal heartbeat from her childhood. Physician again checks her and says that she’s pregnant. Queen gets elated hearing it. Soon all the Consorts learn about it an ditch Hwang tea party to go and congratulate Queen. Queen asks Seong Nam to carry on with his duties while she will take care of his brother’s case. Seong Nam denies to agree. Crown Princess also learns about her pregnancy and gets shocked and surprised. Do Wager gets angry when Minister Yoon refuses to obey her orders upon the news of Crown Princess pregnancy.

Do Wager learns from Court Lady that Kwon is at Ui Seong’s chamber. She has no plans of handing over Kwon to Queen. Ui Seong asks Ik Yeon about his family. He says he has a mother and son but no wife as she belongs to another man. He agrees to grant a wish of him and he asks for him to give him the house he stayed with his brothers. He wished to stay there with his mother and son. Seong Nam puts Chung Ah to sleep as he reads her diary to find her wish list which is completely about him. Later, he visits Won Son who is angry at him for not keeping his promise to visit him frequently. Crown Prince promises to take him back at the age of 7. Rumors sread in palace that Crown Princess is not pregnant as she’s running around the palace. Do Wager angrily comes to Queen’s quarters and summons Crown Prince and Crown Princess gets summoned and the Royal Physician checks her pulse again. He says that she’s not pregnant and he misdiagnosed her pregnancy due to her weak pulse. Queen gets shocked hearing it. Queen and Miister Yoon are at Do Wager’s place who wants to depose the Crown Princess for being ufit physically to bear a child. Both tries to oppose it but she wants to summon the King. Queen asks if she’s doing it for the autopsy report and Do Wager says yes. She recalled bribing Royal Physician to lie that Crown Princess is npt pregnant.

Crown Princess reveals that she always ran to get a glimpse of Crown Prince which started the rumor. She feels guilty for it. On contrary, the Crown Prince is glad that she’s not pregnant as it could risk her life. Queen gives the autopsy to Do Wager in order to stop her from depose the Crown Princess. She asks Minister Park to give the copy of the report he has. He says that he no more have it as he already gave it to King shocking the Queen. Park already asked the King to destroy it for the legacy to continue without any problem. Queen orders to find the deposed Queen. She meets with Yoon and asks her about Ik Yeon’s whereabouts. She says that she is the only onw who would keep him alive as the others wants to kill him. Do Wager threatens Chief State Councilor to kill Hwang and Ui Seong as he’s not the King’s child. She asks him to bring Kwon to her in order to protect the former. She passes the news to king too. Chief State Councilor brings Ik Yeon to palace but soon suurounds him with guards. He uses him as hostage to escape while revealing that he’s Ik Hyeon. He kills Chief State Councilor and rushes to kill Do Wager. Court Lady is disguised as Do Wager while Ik Yeon confesses that he used Hwang to get his blood rule the palace. Hwang gets heartbroken hearing it while Ui Seong comes to stab him. He was manipulated By Do Wager to kill Kwon. He lets him stab him and while dying reveals that he’s his father and that he’s the legitimate heir to the throne shocking Ui Seong. Queen finds Do Wager burning the autopsy report while Do Wager reveals what’s happening inside.