October 21, 2019
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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 cast rejoice end of night shifts!

The cast of Ravindra Gautam’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 are on cloud nine. The show’s content was such that it was only being shot at night. However, not anymore. The shoots have been moved to the day time and the actors couldn’t be happier. I feel amazing. I think it’s the best thing that could have happened. We just hope that it lasts. If anyone gets any night scenes, we will go back to shooting at night. Shooting at night is challenging. The shoot goes slower because everybody’s working capacity becomes slow. In the day, we work faster, we do things in a much better way. However, since we were used to night shifts, our bodies are still getting used to shooting in the day,” says Additi Gupta.


Agreeing with her, actor Barkha Sengupta says, “I feel human again as it’s been pretty crazy actually. The show is a thriller and we do have a lot of night exterior scenes which is why we have only been shooting at night. So, when the world is awake, we are sleeping and when they are sleeping, we are awake. It feels great to get back to normal because it takes a toll on your body.”


Actor Sonia Singh enjoyed shooting at night but is fine with this shift as well. “I like to shoot at night when it is an outdoor shoot. But if we are shooting on set, then I prefer normal shifts. Shooting at night is good but sometimes only,” she says, adding, “But I love that we are shooting in the day now. It is a good feeling because from a very long time, we were shooting at night only and we had almost forgotten to sleep. But it is feeling good now and we are feeling normal.”


Actor Pankaj Vishnu enjoyed shooting in the night thanks to the lovely weather. “By the grace of God, the weather is fantastic. In fact, we are shooting in places like Film City where it is totally surrounded by forests. So, it becomes really cold as the night progresses the temperature drops down. While shooting also after giving shot we directly wear jackets or take a blanket, whatever is available. Though it is a pleasant and a welcome change for Mumbai, we hardly get to use jackets and sweaters. This is why we enjoyed the whole process of night shifts,” he says.

Ahwaan Kumar prefers day shoot. He says, “I feel very enthusiastic as well as relaxed and very energetic. Day shoot suits me as I am an early riser.  if you really want to do night shoot for a day or two its okay,  but doing night continuously is a tough task,  so I prefer day shoot.  I am from north India so I really miss winters  specially I miss the food Makke Di Roti,  Sarso Da Saag and all of that and wearing sweaters, jackets and funky bandana’s. But this year  the weather is quite pleasant in Mumbai I am able to wear all those things,  so I am enjoying a lot”.

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