Kaal devta gives a magical drum to Pisachini| Pisachini to trouble Shergil’s: Divya Drishti

High voltage drama ahead in Divya Drishti after Pisachini wins a kaal-vijay ratna.

Sachini takes the ratna from Divya Drishti by introducing the Kaanch rani. Divya blames herself for the loss. Rakshit ask everyone to stay together, as Pisachini is now going to unite all the three ratnas.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Divya Drishti will get a shocking ultimatum from the temple guardian and otherside Pisachini will bring into life to another evil.

Rakshit and Drishti will come close to each other and will get intimate. Here, Rahasyatara will reveal a startling fact about the ratnas. Meanwhile, Scorpion will return to Pisachini. Later, Charanjeet will ask Drishti to keep eye on Sachini. Meanwhile, the temple guardian gives deadly ultimate to Divya- Drishti.

Pisachini will pray to Kaal God and he’ll give her the magical dram. Pisachini will bring new evil with the help of drum to trouble Shergil. Divya Drishti will worry for their family. The makers of the show has released a new promo and in the promo it is seen Pisachini waking up the new evil and Drishti looking for a way to save her family from sachini.

What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

How Divya Drishti save their family? How Rakshit will help Divya Drishti? How the duo will take back Kaal Vijay ratna from Pisachini. Does the new devil will end up destroying Shergil’s? What will be Pisachini next move to keep the ratna save with her? Welll, for all the answers keep watching the soap sat-sun on Star Plus.

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