Kaamna: Akanksha to get a shock in her haldi?

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Sony TV’s newly launched show “Kaamna” currently deals with changing dynamics between Sakshi, Manav and Yadhu. Earlier its seen that Holkar and Manav followed Vaibhav. Now it will be seen that Yadhu will despise Akanksha’s deed and cries about it.

Previously we have seen that, Vaibhav called Khale to confirm about Niharika’s presence but he doesn’t pick up the call. He himself left to check and Manav and Holkar followed him. Vaibhav confronted Khale for not taking proper care of Niharika. But Khale refused him claims and took him to Niharika who was in bed. Vaibhav got relieved seeing her. Manav peeped into the house and also saw Niharika. He took Khale’s number while he was busy with Vaibhav and also video recorded their conversation. Vaibhav left conforming Niharika has not left the place and Manav sent the video message to Khale who got scared. He visited Khale and slapped him for what he did with Niharika. Khale confessed all the truth and Manav left with Niharika. He passed the information to Yadhu who informed Ayesha about it. Ayesha waited eagerly for Niharika. However Niharika was in shock state that she doesn’t respond to anyone. Ayesha got worried but Yadhu and Sakshi consoled her. Vaibhav was irritated about how to get rid of Akanksha when Rane called him and congratulated him as today Niharika will be proclaimed dead officially. Khale hid about Niharika’s escape when he called him to kill Niharika.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yadhu will cry recalling his mother leaving him and wished his mother was like Ayesha’s. Akanksha will happily perform her haldi ceremony when Babli will alert her as her haldi will turn blood and her body will be covered with blood. Akanksha will get shocked.

Will Niharika stops Vaibhav? Will Manav and Sakshi get married? What will happen to Akanksha?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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